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The COVID19 Surge in Florida is Fake and We Can Prove It

If you look at the news it all seems like doom and gloom for the Sunshine State. CBS is reporting that Florida is fueling a Covid19 surge in new cases. NPR has reported that Florida has hit record high numbers of new infections. But can these reports be trusted? Or is this another attempt by the mainstream media to destroy the economy in an attempt to sway the November presidential election to their side?

Playing With The Numbers to Create a Fake Covid19 Surge

Florida’s record setting day of over 15,000 new cases in a single day is a blatant lie. 

More than 7,000 of the 15,000 positive cases reported have been traced to GENETWORx in Richmond, Virginia. The company, which is Florida’s fourth-largest processor of tests, said in a statement it looks like the Florida Department of Health reported in a single day, lab results that had been collected over the course of four to five days (source)

One could argue that this was a simple mistake, but it seems there have been a lot of “simple mistakes” that all push the numbers higher.

Repeat Tests Are Being Counted As Separate Cases

COVID19 has over a 99% survival rate. However, with the media driven panic we are in the midst of, many businesses are requiring employees who have had COVID19 show multiple negative test results before they can come back to work. 

It has been revealed that these tests are all being counted as individual cases. In one case, a woman stated that she had been tested 10 times before she received 3 negatives in a row… So she could have had 7 positives that the state recorded as 7 new cases.

Someone is tampering with the results.

A few eagle eyed journalists have noticed some discrepancies in how the state is reporting test results. According to the state numbers, several hospitals around Florida are reporting near 100% positive test results for COVID19 infections. 

Yet every hospital question has said that they have been reporting between 6% and 18% positive results.

Orlando Health, for example, showed 98% positive results. But when questioned, they stated that they had 9.4% positive results. Likewise, Orlando Veterans Medical Center reported 76% positive according to state numbers, but the hospital itself says that number is on 6%.

This isn’t limited to Orlando. In Southwest Florida, WINK News noticed the same thing. They reported “Data we analyzed from 110 health care locations in Florida show everyone who went to them tested positive for COVID-19.” 

The Florida Department of Health is showing Lee Health has 100% positive test results. But when questioned, Lee Health stated that it has tested thousands of people and says its positive test rate is 18%.

Adding Covid19 Infection Tests and Antibody Tests

Livescience is reporting that the CDC along with several states are combining anti-body test results with active infection test results. (to be fair, they don’t specifically mention all the states, nor do they mention Florida) 

In case you are confused about the difference, the COVID infection test shows if you currently have COVID19. The antibody test shows if you have had it in the past. 

In most cases, you will not test positive for the antibodies until after you have recovered from the infection. Therefore, adding antibody test positives to the tally of active infections is a blatant lie designed to raise the number of positive test results.

(Although not Florida, here is Los Angeles doing the same thing.)

So What Is The Deal with the Covid19 Surge?

With any of these individual errors in reporting, I could believe that it was an honest mistake. However, I do not believe in that many honest mistakes in a row… I also question why the mainstream media seems to be ignoring all of the evidence that the numbers are inaccurate. 

It seems to me that the mainstream media is ignoring the evidence that these numbers are being artificially inflated. That tends to lead me to think that the same people who are pushing the inflation of positive cases are the ones pushing the narrative to the mainstream media. 

There are only two reasons I can think of too artificially inflate the number of positive cases and prolong this fear-mongering. The first is to damage the current administration and push for change in the November election. The second is to push for more totalitarian regulations and the elimination of the middle class by destroying small businesses. That is how socialism works: The elite rule over a slave class that is equally poor and dependent. So, in order to force socialism, it is necessary to destroy the middle class and make everyone dependent on government assistance. 

Additional Links:

Florida Labs Found Significantly Inflating Positive COVID Testing Rate

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Post Script:

As you can see in the above post, everything I talk about links back to legitimate news sources. However, Facebook has decided to block this content for being “misinformation”.

This seems to prove that the mainstream leftist agenda is to push a fake narrative to influence the election.

Once again, we see the left doing exactly what it accuses its opponents of doing.


Corona Virus Cases Are Spiking and it is a Good Thing

If you actually still pay attention to the mainstream media, you will see that they are back on the pandemic fear kick.  I guess the race war they were trying to start isn’t going anywhere (mostly because the people on the left are far more racist than those on the right, but the leftist racists just think they are trying to help minorities that they view as incapable of helping themselves.)

So we are back to Corona Virus fear mongering.  And why not? The news reports make the situation look dire.  After all, corona virus cases are spiking all over the country.  

What is really going on. 

Of course, there are several things the media is purposefully leaving out of their narrative.  When they want to spread fear, they have to pick and choose what to report. 

An Uptick in Covid Cases was to be Expected

The lockdowns were designed to “flatten the curve”.  That meant that with the lockdowns in place, we would have fewer cases at once, but the cases would stretch out over a longer period of time.  The total number of infected would not change because we need to have between 60% and 80% of population infected to achieve heard immunity.  The lockdown was only intended to draw it out so that we would not over run our hospitals.  Removing the lockdown was bound to increase the number of infected. 

I live in Florida.  Florida is currently having a huge “spike” in new corona virus cases.  But we still have over 23% of our hospital beds in the state vacant.  (click here to see updated hospital bed counts in Florida)  We are still not overwhelming the hospitals. 

Testing has Increased Significantly

Testing in the US has increased significantly over the past couple of months.  More tests is going to equal more people testing positive.  At the end of April, the US was testing about 200,000 people per day and getting about 25,000 positives for for an 18.9% weekly average of people tested who tested positive in the last week in April.  (this is also when only people with symptoms were being tested). 

In the most recent week in June, the US tested 500,000 people with 38,000 of them testing positive (5.9%).  2.5x the number of tests and less than 2x the number of positives.  

The spike in corona virus cases is fake news. See the results for yourself here.

Corona Virus Deaths Are Dropping Significantly

The most important piece of relevant information that the mainstream media is not telling anyone is that the number of deaths due to Corona virus has dropped significantly.  

At the peak of the pandemic during the weak of April 18th, the US had 16,326 deaths attributed to Covid-19. 

For the week ending June 20th, there were 271 deaths due to Covid-19 (this number may be adjusted, but the downward trend is the significant part of the story.  See the updated numbers for yourself on the CDC’s web site).

There is no Doom and Gloom

An unbiased look at the numbers shows that yes, more people are testing positive, but only because more people are being tested.  The percentage of positive tests are dropping significantly.  Also, the deaths are dropping significantly. 

As a result, we are getting closer to achieving heard immunity and ending the pandemic.  

Why Does the MSM push the bad?

If the news is actually good, then why does the mainstream media spin it to look bad?

Some people thing it is for ratings.  It has always been the policy of the mainstream media to project doom because that increases ratings and therefore increases the amount they can charge for advertising and so their profits go up. 

Some people also think the mainstream media is partnered with the Democratic Party in an attempt to disrupt the current presidents re-election by destroying his economic gains and making him look bad. 

Others thing the mainstream media is pushing for more totalitarian controls to aid the elitists who want to take your freedom. 

I don’t know the real reason behind their actions, but I do know that they are not telling you the truth.


Covid Didn’t Work, So Now They Are Trying To Start A Race War

The CDC numbers now show that in most places Flu deaths are higher than Covid-19 deaths. (oddly enough, places like New York, that have had huge problems recently paying pensions, have a much higher Covid death rate… and most of those deaths have been in nursing homes that the state forced to accept people with Covid into).

Simply put, if you do not live in a nursing home, you are more likely to die in a car accident than from Covid. In addition, The WHO recently stated that asymptomatic Covid case are not likely to be contagious. Considering the draconian measures put in place by many state governments during this “pandemic” were based on the concept that you can spread the disease, even if you don’t know you have it, the whole narrative is unravelling.

So what are totalitarian elitists hell bent on destroying the country before the November election going to do? Start a race war.

Creating A Powder Keg, Then Setting It Off

Locking people in their homes for several months, denying them the ability to socialize, be with friends, and go to church seems a great way to increase stress and put people on edge. 

Next, you need to find an inciting incident. 

I will be the first to admit that the militarization of our police departments is a big problem. In some cities (like Chicago or Los Angeles) where criminal gang activity has turned parts of the city into a war zone, there may be a compelling argument for the militarization of local law enforcement, but I can’t help but think there is a better way. 

I also do not agree with the privatization of our prison system (one of the few things that I do not agree with privatization of). I believe incarceration for profit incentivizes harsh sentencing and imprisonment for crimes that should not require jail time. 

I long for the days of Andy Griffith where law enforcement was a friendly part of the community that chastised those who made mistakes, and a simple misunderstanding didn’t haunt you for the rest of your life.

When I was young adult 20+ years ago, if you got pulled over driving with a little bit of a buzz, and it was your first time, the cop would simply make you call someone to come get you, not take you to jail and cost you over 10k in fines. If you got into a bar fight, the cops didn’t care. If you got stopped with weed, the cop was either going to dump your bag on the ground or put it in his pocket. either way, you left with a warning.

That being said however, statistics clearly do not support the claim that policing in inherently racist (unless they are twisted to do so). In addition, in the case of George Floyd (whose death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers has been the inciting incident to set off this powder keg, There is no indication that the police acted out of racism. George Floyd was a violent criminal with multiple arrests who was resisting arrest while under the influence of narcotics. His skin color did not matter. The 4 officers involved in his death were like the poster for police diversity. 1 White man, 1 Black man, 1 Asian man and 1 Spanish man. 

Yes, the police did not treat George Floyd like a human being. These officers showed no empathy. What they did was wrong. However, I believe it was the result of the militarization of law enforcement and the prison for profit system we have in place. It was not racism.

The Bad Guys Want To Divide Us

Calling someone a racist has been a tool of the elite for a very long time. Why? Because 99% of the country hates racists. It does not matter what side of the isle you sit on politicly, everyone agrees that racism is bad. Therefore, if someone is a racist, everyone agrees that they are bad. The problem is that the elitists call people racist when they are not racist just to get people to dislike them. Nancy Pelosi once talked about a “political device” of making up a lie about someone, getting the media to report that lie as truth, and then pointing to those media reports to verify the lie. 

This is exactly what the George Floyd case looks like to me. A case of an over militarized police doing what they do being spun into a case of racism to enrage an already tense population and create a scenario that divides the nation. It seems to have succeeded. 

Let’s be clear here: Everyone thinks racism is bad. Everyone thinks police brutality is bad. However, not every case of police brutality is racism.

Tony Timpa died last year in Texas after officers kneeled on his upper back for 13 minutes as he cried out that they were killing him. When he finally stopped responding, the police made fun of him. Where were the protests? Where was the media coverage? Where was the outrage?

There wasn’t any because he was not black, so the media couldn’t call it racism.

How Do We Proceed?

I would love to say “Let cooler minds prevail”, but that will not happen. The Presidents executive order on Safe Policing is a great start, but more needs to be done. And of course, the mainstream media will never admit that the president did anything good, so the people that have gotten all riled up by this false narrative will not be appeased by this.

I think the true irony here is that the far left are the ones spearheading these protests. The people who advocate for bigger government are also advocating for “defunding” the police system needed to enforce the bigger government they want.

The same people who claim building a wall to protect our borders is wrong built a wall to protect the borders of their autonomous state. The same people who want to strip your 2nd amendment rights are patrolling their autonomous state with AR-15’s

They are showing that everything they stand for is wrong. But they think they have the moral high ground. They think they are right. So what should we do?

I think it is becoming a necessity to take extra precautions to defend yourself and your property from the Socialist Brown Shirts (ANTIFA) and other extremist groups that are trying to destroy our nation. 

I have gone back to the practice I employed after a hurricane knocked out my power for a week a couple years ago. I keep my 300aac AR-15 pistol by my desk during the day and by my bed at night. I am also now daily carrying a larger, higher capacity pistol. I recommend everyone who can, get a concealed carry permit and carry everywhere. 

I have also set up wifi cameras around my home to record anyone trying to break in. I decided to by a Wyze Cam Pan for inside the house and a few standard Wyze Cams for outside (with weatherproof mounts. These cameras automatically start recording when they detect motion and send that HD video to the cloud and alert my phone. I can then stream the video or watch the live feed from my phone. These cameras send a 12 second clip to the cloud for free, or you can pay $1.49 per camera per month for it to send a continuous recording to the cloud while motion is detected. That is far cheaper than my last security camera. 

It is important to be able to defend yourself, your family and your property in these times of social unrest. And it is even more important to be able to have video to prove that you were acting in self defense.


Covid-19 is Cover for a Globalist takeover of the World

covid is a globalist takeover

Covid-19 appears to be a biological weapon that is being used by the globalists to take over countries. (Now I am not saying it was designed to be a weapon, just that it is being used as one. A brick can be used as a weapon even though it wasn’t designed as such). The goal of the coronavirus is to control your money and control your movement. 

Control Your Money

Controlling your money has come in a multifaceted attack.  The first step was to limit your entertainment spending and control your information. The stopped sports and concerts, theaters and carnivals. They closed Poll Halls and Bars, Strip Clubs and gyms.

If you want entertainment, go home and watch TV.

Next, they determined what businesses were “essential”, and if you take a look around, I bet you will see there are a lot more “essential” big corporate stores. (the official lists seem vague enough to not show there hand. However, when clothing stores are not essential, but groceries and hardware are, then big box stores that sell those and clothes stay open while the mom and pop stores that only sells clothes have to shut down.)

If you need a new jacket or a new pair of shoes, go to Target or Walmart. You don’t need to go to the boutique downtown. They weren’t “essential”. But in most places, you can still buy a car. Go to Home Depot, have the Orkin man come by, buy a TV (as long as it is from a corporate store) etc. You can also get food, but take out only (we don’t need that pesky waitstaff looking for tips).

How many of those non “essential” mom and pop stores do you think will survive this?

Control Your Movement

Unbelievably, next they took away our right to move freely. The right to assembly? No, that violates social distancing rules. They closed parks and beaches. In Florida, some places completely closed the beaches. Then others restricted use to swimming and walking/jogging. No sunbathing allowed. Of course, some beaches has no restrictions at all. In some cases these beaches were miles away from restricted beaches and so everyone congregated there, violating social distancing rules. 

Many places in Florida have closed down rentals and will only let hotels rent to people with local ID’s. So you can’t get a bed & Breakfast or an AirB&B, but you can stay at the Hilton. But only if you are local. We don’t want people traveling… Unless we need them to. 

To make sure you don’t do any un necessary traveling, we are going to ask your neighbors to rat you out. We are going to use drone’s to find you. We are going to trace your movements and who you come into contact with by your smartphone.

But This Is Temporary.

A large percentage of the population is willing to give up freedoms if they think it will keep them safe. And let’s be clear here. This isn’t about saving “lives”. It is about saving “My life”. The people that are pushing for everyone to stay locked down to save lives don’t care that the UN said hundreds of thousands of kids will starve to death because of this economic crash. They don’t care about “deaths of Despair” where 77,000 Americans are likely to die from suicide and drug overdoses as a result of layoffs. They don’t care about Alcohol related deaths. They don’t care that he death rate for the unemployed is 63% higher than for people with a job.

They don’t care that Child abuse spikes when drunk/high unemployed parents are home with their children all day. And let’s not forget about all those elective procedures that people are not getting done that had been scheduled because “early detection saves lives”.

They don’t care because that is not them. And they would rather those other people die and suffer if it protects them from an illness that has a 99% recovery rate (the 2 links below show that the actual mortality rate of covid-19 is likely between 0.1% and 0.5%). 80%+ of people who get it will not even need to be hospitalized. (and it is likely a much higher percent that have mild  to no symptoms if the recent antibody tests are accurate. Here and Here)

But this is only temporary, and then things will go back to the way they were. The problem is, That isn’t going to happen

We already pointed out that many small businesses will not even make it through months of being closed. Small businesses employ 48% of Americas workforce. Eliminating many small businesses helps the globalists in 2 ways. First, it cuts down on competition. This lets the big corporate stores control the prices of goods. Next, it lowers the supply of available jobs. When the supply of jobs is low, and the demand (people looking for jobs) is high, wages go down. Therefore, eliminating small businesses allows the corporations the ability to control the wages as well.

The False Narrative To Continue Restrictions After Covid Has Already Started

The New York Daily News recently reported that Miami has gone 7 weeks without a murder for the first time in decades. They report that “Miami’s vice seems to be on lockdown. For 55 days this year – from Feb. 17 to April 12 – the city of Miami had zero murders, a first since 1957.”

This is a careful manipulation of the numbers. Why? To make you feel like you are safer with your freedoms removed. After-all, if you are willing to give up your rights to be safer from coronavirus, then why not give up those rights to be safer from crime?

The problem is, this is not true. The Miami Herald is reporting a 33% increase in murders in the Miami area since the lockdowns began.

How can both of these numbers be true? It is simple really, Miami is much larger then the city limits. In fact, inside the Miami city limits, you will find mostly high rise office buildings, bars, restaurants and clubs and small boutique stores along with very expensive housing. 

If you close down the boutique stores, bars, restaurants and clubs, and force stay at home orders, then all the poor and working class people stay outside of city limits in their suburbs. And all the crime stays with them.

So taking away your rights makes the rich elitists safer because it keeps you away from them.

We are also seeing more articles pushing the idea that Covid will be seasonal, or come back in the fall. These stories are setting the seeds for what is sure to be future justifications for the continued use of contact tracing tech on your cell phones to track you and use of drones to monitor your movement.

Earlier in this article, I linked to antibody studies that suggest that Covid is far more widespread than was previously thought. This is a problem for the official narrative because it shows that Covid is not as deadly then they are telling us it is, and it shows that lockdowns are not stopping the spread. Remember, 2 weeks ago they were telling us that antibody tests were needed before we could reopen society, But what are they saying now that the tests are not giving the results they want?

The media says that those tests are unreliable and they are doing everything they can to discredit those reports. (some more anti antibody test propaganda here, here and here) It doesn’t matter that these studies are taking place independently of each other using different methodologies in California, New York, Germany, and other places all yielding similar results. These results disrupt the narrative, so the mainstream media has to say they are not reliable

An Additional Note on Covid & Control

Earlier this week a couple of Doctors in California released a press briefing video that concluded that the lockdowns were unnecessary and should be lifted. This video was removed from Youtube. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, said: “anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy. And so remove is another really important part of our policy.”

A few days later, The World Health Organization stated Sweden’s way of acting during the corona pandemic may be a model for the future. This is the opinion of WHO crisis management officer Michael J Ryan. (Since Mainstream media in the US is currently not covering this story, click this link and use Chrome’s auto-translate feature to read it.)

As we all know, Sweden did not close their economy or impose mandatory lockdowns. And although their numbers aren’t the best, they aren’t the worst either. (and they would be expected to be worse then lockdown nations because if you are not “flattening the curve” then more people will get sick and die sooner, but the numbers will also drop sooner and even out in the end. Therefore, we can’t judge their numbers until this is all over).

So, even though Youtube took down the video that claimed we should lift the lockdowns for going against WHO recommendations, WHO later changed their recommendations to say that lockdowns are not the best way to deal with Covid. 

But no one in the US is reporting that because it goes against the plan to subjugate you.

As they say: “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste


Why Contact Tracing Should Scare You and How To Avoid It

You may have heard the lates catch phrase in the COVID-19 draconian measures that are being pushed on us “for our own good”: Contact Tracing. Here is why it is bad, and what you can do to stop it.

What is Contact Tracing and Why Should I Be Concerned?

On the outset, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Contact Tracing is finding out who a person has been in contact with once they have been confirmed to have COVID-19. In the old days, this was simply a question and answer session after you have been tested positive. 

But not today.

Apple and Google have announced a partnership to tackle a more proactive approach to Contact Tracing. Yes, the brains behind Android phones and iPhones have said that they will use your phone’s gps data to determine if you have come into contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19. Let that sink in.

Everyone that has been labeled “paranoid” has often said that our cell phones are being used to track us. And it seems this was confirmed when CNN ran a piece about how cell phone data was used to see how Spring Breakers in Florida traveled and possible spread the coronavirus.

If that didn’t wake you up, the Apple Google partnership should. 

In the guise of keeping you safe from COVID-19, your cell phone will now be used to not only track your movement, but also to track who you come into contact with. 

I doubt this technology will simply disappear once the pandemic is over. Governments and law enforcement will now be able to easily squash dissent. No longer does someone need to “rat out” their contacts. Their phone will have already done that. 

Why Contact Tracing Will Do No Good

More and more reports are coming out that show the entire COVID-19 pandemic was overblown and all the “lockdown” measures that were taken to stop it were un-necessary.

At the time of writing this article less then 1,000 people under the age of 50 have died from COVID-19 (out of 50,000 total US deaths). In comparison, 3,000 people under 50 have died this year from the regular old flu

The L.A. Times is reporting that antibody tests have shown that between 221,000 and 440,000 people in L.A. County have Coronavirus antibodies and have never tested positive for COVID-19. Considering L.A. County has a confirmed count of 16,000 cases and 700 deaths, if the 221,000 number of actual cases is to be correct, that means the actual mortality rate is around 0.25%

A recent interview with Swedish Epidemiologist Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government, the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director-general of the World Health Organization claims that lockdowns do not work, and are actually bad.

He also points out that COVID-19 is about as bad as a rough flu season. There is even more evidence of this when you take into account that The US government has revised its projected COVID-19 deaths down to about 60k. Meanwhile, the 2017-2018 flu season saw 80k US deaths.

So we are now trying to track you movements and who you associate with to try and stop a virus that is about equal to the flu…

How To Stop This

Over the years I have become very fond of my smart watch… but it has to go. An old fashioned wind up analog watch will have to do. My cell phone however is a different story. I use it too much. For work, for play, for simple information. However, there was a time I did not have one. If I was not at home, you left a message on the machine (before that, you left a message with whomever was home). It looks like once again people will have to start leaving me a message most of the time. Why? Because when I do not need my phone, it will be kept in a signal blocking case. 

I have ordered this 2 pack of signal blocking cases from Amazon. 1 for my phone, and the other for my toll transceiver. I will take them out when I need to use them (and am in a safe place), but the rest of the time they will be protected in the case. I suggest you do the same. 

You may not have anything to hide, but as we can see now with COVID-19, you don’t need to commit a crime for them to come knocking on your door… you just need to have been near someone…

Other Options

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The Fake Plague of 2020

We should all be ashamed of ourselves. How quickly this country (and most of the world) was willing to give up their basic human rights is sickening. 

Sure, we got duped by scare tactics and fear mongering. When this coronavirus outbreak started, they said over 2 million people in the US would die. Then they said, between 100k and 250k. Now they are saying 60k, and even that number looks to be inflated. We were expecting 60,000 flu deaths this year. But since coronavirus started, the CDC has stopped tracking those… or are they just counting them as coronavirus deaths? We have seen multiple Doctors sharing letters they received from the CDC saying that they should list COVID-19 (the disease caused by the coronavirus) as the cause of death even if a patient has not tested positive for it as long as they showed symptoms (the same symptoms as the flu) or have been known to be in contact with someone who did test positive. Let’s be clear here, this is not how we report cause of death in other circumstances. 

“In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely. ”

The recent coronavirus stimulus package passed by our overlords gives a financial incentive to hospitals to falsify their records to show a higher number of cases and fatalities due to COVID-19. The receive funds for every infected patient and death that they had in their facility. 

So, for a pandemic that looks to be no deadlier than the average seasonal flu, we have closed schools, eliminated the right to assemble, closed churches and restricted movement of citizens. In California, someone was arrested for paddle-boarding in the ocean… alone. Their are border checkpoints between states, and in Rhode Island, the National Guard is going door to door to find people from New York.

One of the most disturbing things I have read in regards to this unprecedented abuse of our rights is that both Apple and Google have announced that they will alert you if you have been near someone who has COVID-19. Think about that for a minute. Both Apple and Google are not only tracking your movements, but they are also tracking who you come into contact with. I am sure this will never be used for foul purposes… And I am sure this information will never fall into the hands of someone that it shouldn’t…

I will tell you this, I just bought a faraday bag from Amazon to keep my phone in when I am out so they can’t track me. I suggest you do the same.

I find it very interesting that these “stay at home” orders are being created and enforced at the state, county or city level. Why not the federal level? Because it is a violation of constitutional rights to restrict the movements of a person that is not infectious or is not a convicted criminal. Therefore, the federal government only released guidelines. The states, counties and cities then overstepped the law by enforcing those guidelines. 

What I find more interesting… and discouraging is that the people that I know on the left side of the political spectrum (who have all been screaming for the past 3 years that Trump wants to be a tyrant) are now faulting Trump for not enforcing these orders, and making stricter orders, nationwide. 

I deeply fear for our country and our liberties when the reaction by the opponents to the party in power who is suggesting oppressive actions to take away our liberties is: you need to be doing more. Let me restate that so it is clear. One party suggests limiting our rights, and the other party says we need to limit even more of our rights. 

On a positive side, The Attorney General is already raising alarms about what he himself is calling “Draconian” lockdowns. The Trump administration has also declared that gun stores are essential businesses and should remain open. So at least we can remain armed and prepared to take our liberties back if it comes to that.

Another issue I want to point out is the confusion over what these “Stay at Home” orders are and are supposed to accomplish. The reality is that these stay at home orders are not meant to keep anyone from getting the coronavirus. They are simply meant to “flatten the curve”. this means that they are trying to slow down the number of cases at any given time so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. Your local hospital might be able to handle 20 or 30 COVID-19 cases per week being treated and then released, but they can not handle hundreds of cases per week. So instead of everyone getting sick in March, we flatten the curve so the same amount of people get sick, but it is stretched out through April and May and possibly even June as well. By the time enough people have caught and recovered from COVID-19, we will achieve “herd immunity” and the disease will go away. Slowing the spread also buys us time to come up with a vaccine that can give us herd immunity without 70% of the population having to get sick from coronavirus, but that will likely take longer than developing natural herd immunity unless the current path to FDA approval is suspended.


A Picture of Hurricane Dorian

hurricane dorian

I live close to Cape Canaveral. By close, I mean that when I want to see a rocket launch, I go to my back yard. I am about a mile from the River, and maybe 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. So, when Hurricane Dorian started heading to Florida’s east coast, I took an interest.

Initial Reports

At first, it looked like Hurricane Dorian was going to go west over the Bahamas, then continue north-west across Florida and out into the Gulf of Mexico. This is what the news was reporting, and the question was how far north along Florida’s coast was landfall going to be? 

It was during this timeframe that I was talking to a group of friends and expressing concern that it would come onshore just south of me in Vero Beach. This would put the North end (the worst end) of the storm over me. It was in this conversation that a friend of mine said “don’t worry about it, it will turn north sooner then they say and stay offshore. Florida won’t get hit that bad.” I was skeptical. Then he told me “seriously, we didn’t even take the rocket off the launch pad… it isn’t going to be bad at all”. You see, my friend works at the Space Center. 

The North Turn

A few days later, the news changed their predictions and were now saying that the storm would turn north and stay offshore… just like my friend had told me. Although the news was still claiming “hurricane-force winds” and “massive storm surge”. I began to wonder about my friends prediction. It seems to me there are only 2 ways he could have been right while all the meteorologists were wrong. 

The First Way

Is it possible that the government is controlling the weather? Could these hurricanes be weaponized, or at least manipulated to go where we want them to go?

The Second Way

Is the news media purposely pushing miss information to get better ratings or increase their sponsors sales by causing panic buying?

I honestly wasn’t sure what scenario was more likely.

Leaning One Way

Then I remembered something that I learned when I was a child. I am guessing that this isn’t knowledge that everyone got in elementary school, and it was specific to us because we lived so close to Cape Canaveral, but we were taught that the scientists choose to build the Kennedy Space Center where they did because the way the Gulf Stream moves by Florida in this particular spot would make it very unlikely to get a direct hit by a hurricane.

So I checked the hurricane forecasts again and they said Dorian had hurricane-force winds (over 75 mph) extending out 40 miles from the center of circulation. 

Next, I checked the buoy information and found that the western wall of the Gulf Stream was 45 miles off the coast

That meant that even if Hurricane Dorian traveled along the edge of the Gulf Stream, hurricane-force winds would probably stay 8 miles to the east of me.

Meanwhile, the news was still preaching doom and gloom. They were telling us that we should expect hurricane-force winds for 24 hours straight.

What Really Happened With Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian passed by 70 miles off the coast. As radar was showing the eye due east of me, I was on my front porch. It wasn’t windy or raining. Overall we had a couple inches of rain, and wind gusts up to 25 mph. An average summer thunderstorm is worse. We never lost power, and the rain and wind wasn’t even enough to wash some fresh bird crap off my truck…

While writing this, I realized that I needed some good photographs to go with this story. So I hopped in my truck and drove around town. What I noticed was a lot of palm fronds on the ground. No flooding, no real wind damage… just palm fronds. There were a couple of sailboats that had grounded themselves, but that is to be expected. (In Florida it is easy to find a used sailboat for a few grand, and if you anchor in the river… no rent. So many of the sailboats anchored in the river are people that are 1 step away from being vagrant and therefore they are not able to do much preparation for any storm)

Overall, the town I live in actually looks better today than usual. Mostly because it seems most of the people in town have taken the time to clean debris out of their yard and trimmed their trees.

So what is the Conspiracy?

After realizing that I could predict the impact of this storm better than the news by using basic information that I learned in elementary school, I came to the conclusion that NASA was not controlling the weather, they were simply paying attention. 

The news media likely also knew that this storm was no big deal for Florida. However, why pass up a good opportunity to cause panic, increase ratings, and sell a lot of their sponsors products?

The mainstream media has already shown that they can not be trusted when it comes to politics… now they have proven to me that they can not be trusted when it comes to the weather either. They are not news. They are just propaganda and marketing for the left. What good are they??


Why The Left Wants Hate Crime So Badly They Make It Up

We have seen a disturbing rise in fake hate crimes recently. The recent Jussie Smollett case is only the latest in a string of hoax hate crimes. There has been the Ohio University LGBT threats, The Drake University Racist Threats, and the Kean University Twitter threats, to name a few. The Daily Caller wrote an article that list 19 fake hate crimes since Donald Trump was elected president.

Why Do People Fake Hate Crimes?

For several decades, the Democratic Party has been pushing a simple message: “We are the party of equality and social justice, while the Republicans are the party of racism and oppression.”

The say that Republicans are racist for wanting voter ID laws, yet it is the Democrats who say the minorities are not smart enough to be able to get a state issued ID. They say that Republicans are racist for wanting to end Affirmative Action for College admissions, yet it is the Democrats that say that minorities aren’t smart enough to get accepted into these Colleges using the same standards as white people.

In the slightly over 2 years since Trump has been elected, we have seen great benefits for minorities, the poor and the middle class. This goes against what the Democrats have been convincing people of for years.

Unemployment (and minority unemployment) is at record lows. CNBC admits “The employment picture for black Americans is better than it ever has been.” Middle Class wages, after years of stagnation as shown in this 2014 article, are rising. Even CNN admits: “Americans’ finances are continuing to improve.” 

Trump has spent more money to help HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) than any other president. 

Trump supported Prison Reform championed by Black Leaders that has been called “overdue for Black America”. 

All of this combined has led some to call Trump the “most pro-black president I’ve seen in my lifetime”.

This Is Why The Left Makes Up Hate Crimes

The narrative is unraveling. How can all of this be true? People on the left have been convinced for years that Republicans are evil hate mongers and racists. When the facts are proving that it has been the policies of the DNC that have truly been racist, those people who joined the DNC to fight racism are stuck having to either accept that they were naive enough to fall for the Democrats lies, or, they need to find proof that they (and the Democrats) were right about the Republicans… even if they have to fabricate the proof.

Recently, a Washington Post Op-Ed, written by the executive assistant for the editorial board wrote “I doubted Jussie Smollett. It breaks my heart that I might be right.” This journalist actually wrote “I need this to be true”.

Like so many other Democrats who thought they were fighting against the evils of racism… You need some sort of proof that the Republicans, the Trump supporters are the racists, Even though all the evidence points to the party that you supported as being the true divider, the true base of racism and hatred in our country.

It is hard for many people on the left to face the facts that they have been supporting the true racists, when all they wanted to do was fight against racism. Therefore, they are quick to support anything at all that seems to verify that they were not wrong, and in some cases, they go as far as to fake the evidence that it is really the other side that is the racist.

The reality is, the Republicans are not racist. They believe that equality is achieved by equal treatment of everyone. But the Democrats don’t believe that. Therefore they look for any evidence they can find that looks like the Republicans are racist. Even if they have to make it up.


Socialism, Indulgences and Why Protestants Can Not Be Democrats

There are many Christians who identify with the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party is becoming more and more socialist.  Yet socialism is the exact reason Martin Luther disagreed with the Catholic Church and started the Protestant Reformation. 

What is Socialism?

According to Karl Marx, socialism is a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

In essence, it is the political practice of the government controlling the means of production so that the workers can get a fair distribution of the products of that production. 

In a simple view, this seems very Christian.  We should all do our part to help those less fortunate. 

The first problem with this is in the realization that the workers are the means of production.  So socialism can only exist if the government has complete control of the people. 

In a socialist, the government decides who needs what, and what is needed from them.  They may decide you would be a good farm equipment mechanic in Iowa, and you only need a 1 room apartment and no car to do that job. 

Socialism is dependent on every person being willing to give up their personal liberties for the good of the masses.

The next big problem with socialism is that it is dependent on the integrity of the members of the government.  If you look at every other country that has tried Socialism, this has been a big problem.  Politicians have power and power corrupts. 

What are Indulgences?

In the middle ages, the Catholic Church started a practice of selling Indulgences.  What an indulgence is, simply put, is the penance for a sin, paid for in cash. 

Now, the Catholic Church still has Indulgences, but they are not paid for in money.  You can receive an indulgence for good works, not in place of them.

In the middle ages, however, the church felt that a donation to the church would allow the church to do good works in your name and that was the same as doing the good works yourself.

Of course, this led to abuse.  And that abuse led to Martin Luther’s disagreement with the church that led to the Protestant Reformation.

What Did Martin Luther Say?

Martin Luther argued that good works must be done by the individual.  He said that paying someone else to do good works for you did not count.  Therefore, buying an indulgence was wrong. 

Specifically, Martin Luther said

  • Papal indulgences must be preached with caution, lest people erroneously think that they are preferable to other good works of love.
  • Christians are to be taught that the pope does not intend that the buying of indulgences should in any way be compared with works of mercy.
  • Christians are to be taught that he who gives to the poor or lends to the needy does a better deed than he who buys indulgences.
  • Because love grows by works of love, man thereby becomes better. Man does not, however, become better by means of indulgences but is merely freed from penalties.
  • Christians are to be taught that he who sees a needy man and passes him by, yet gives his money for indulgences, does not buy papal indulgences but God’s wrath.
  • Christians are to be taught that, unless they have more than they need, they must reserve enough for their family needs and by no means squander it on indulgences.
  • Christians are to be taught that they buying of indulgences is a matter of free choice, not commanded.
  • Christians are to be taught that the pope, in granting indulgences, needs and thus desires their devout prayer more than their money.
  • Christians are to be taught that papal indulgences are useful only if they do not put their trust in them, but very harmful if they lose their fear of God because of them.

Why Socialism and Protestantism Do not Mix

Taking Matin Luther at his word, the very idea that paying more in taxes so that the government can take care of the poor for you is against Christ’s teachings. 

As Christians, you are obliged to do the good deeds yourself.  To spend your own time and money caring for the less fortunate.  Therefore, it should be expected of Christians to oppose government social welfare programs and instead support community programs to help the less fortunate. 

This is a direct contradiction to socialism which preaches that you need to give your money to the government so that they can take care of those less fortunate for you.


Conservatives Are Not Nazi’s. Please Stop Spreading This Lie

I hear this all the time. Whenever someone wants to insult someone who is right-wing, they call them a Nazi. But the truth is, the Nazi party was the polar opposite of right-wing ideology.

Right Wing Ideology, at its core, promotes limited government and individual liberty. Neither of these ideologies are compatible with the Nazi Fascist Platform. Fascism is characterized by authoritarian power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

What Did The Nazi’s Stand For?

The Nazi party was the “National Socialist German Workers Party” (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei). The party was anti-big business, anti-bourgeois and anti-capitalist. The Nazi’s supported big government, and government controlled education and healthcare. (If you want to know how bad government controlled healthcare can get, in 1940 “Certain German physicians were authorized to select patients “deemed incurably sick, after most critical medical examination” and then administer to them a “mercy death””) The Nazi party made clear that unlike Marxists the party supported the middle-class and that its socialist policy was meant to give social welfare to German citizens.

Nazi Germany also had strict gun laws requiring the registration of all handguns and a permit to own them. Eventually, they supplemented this law by outlawing Jews from owning weapons and confiscating any weapons they did own. This was a part of the 1938 Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons law. Although before this law came into effect, many people in Germany had their guns confiscated simply for being “untrustworthy”. The existing Nazi gun control laws stated that a person had to be “trustworthy” to gain a permit for a gun, and just about anyone could be considered untrustworthy without any justification.

The Nazi party also took advantage of a paramilitary group known as the Sturmabteilung (aka Brown Shirts). Its primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, and fighting against the paramilitary units of the opposing parties.

So Far The Left Sound Far More Like Nazi’s

We know the Democratic Party in the US is promoting socialism. They claim that they support the middle-class and that their socialist policy is meant to give social welfare to everyone. They are anti-big business, anti-bourgeois and anti-capitalist. The support strict gun regulation and limiting gun ownership to “approved” people. They have a paramilitary group called ANTIFA that disrupts the meetings of opposing parties. But are they Authoritarian themselves?

Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms. Individual freedoms are subordinate to the state.

It has been said that Authoritarianism can be defined by 4 qualities:

1 Limited Political Pluralism

2 A Basis For Legitimacy Based on Emotion

3 constraints on the public (such as suppression of political opponents)

4 Informally defined executive power

The Democratic Party is quick to suppress political opponents by making false allegations that appeal to peoples emotions so that they can limit political pluralism thus giving them the ability to have executive power that they don’t need to explain.

The confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh was a fine example of the Democratic Party using Authoritarian policy to oppose political pluralism. The Democratic Party brought forth 3 people to make unsubstantiated claims against their opposition. (2 of those people have since admitted to making the whole thing up). Instead of facts, they appealed to emotions to claim that they were not trying to suppress the opposition but instead trying to combat societal problems (like sexual harassment).

It is a common tactic of the Democratic Party. When they have no legitimate argument to oppose the other party, they vilify them by making unsubstantiated accusations.

But Trump Said He Was A Nationalist!

It is true that the Nazi Party were nationalists and the right wing generally considers themselves to be nationalists. But that does not make the right wing Nazi’s.

Nationalism is simply putting your own country first. This is what government is supposed to do. Everyone (left and right) expects the government to act in their own best interest. That is why we elect representatives (people to represent us).

The Nazi party corrupted this idea with racism. They didn’t put Germany’s interest first, they put Aryan Germanic people first. This allowed them to oppress minorities and scapegoat one specific group of people: the Jews.

America is a melting pot. Putting America first is not racist because Americans are from every race religion and ethnic group.

But that doesn’t stop the left from trying to scapegoat one specific group of people. Recently CNN personality Don Lemon said “we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men”. Isn’t it fun how he says we have to stop demonizing people as he demonizes people? I am sure if Don had said “Jew” instead of “white men” Hitler would have sieg heil’d him from the grave… just like the new Nazi’s of the Democratic party cheered him on for demonizing “white men”.

That is what the Democratic Party does. They accuse the opposition of doing what they themselves are doing. This is evident when Hillary Clinton said that you can not be civil with Republicans, and that “civility can start again” after they take back control of the government.

They believe that peace is only obtainable when they control you, control what you think, and control what you do. The good of the country does not matter to Democrats, only the good of the party.

So Why Do Nazi’s Support The Right?

Unfortunately, there are Neo-Nazi groups in this country, and they do tend to support the right-wing candidates. Why is that?

When you support individual liberty and freedom, you have to accept that some people will have opinions that you do not like. You will also have to support their right to have those opinions. There is an old saying. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. This does not mean you have to approve of them or their ideas. And, hopefully, you will do your part to show them the error in their thinking. 

The right-wing says I don’t agree with you, but you have a right to your opinion. The Democratic Party says I don’t agree with you, and you have to conform your beliefs to be in line with our parties beliefs.

This may seem acceptable as long as you agree with the party beliefs, but when you don’t, you will be in trouble.

So in a strange irony, the reason racist groups support the right, is the right is tolerant of all people and all beliefs. The left, however, is intolerant of anything that does not follow their strict social ideology.

Of course, tolerating someone does not mean you like or support them. The right is equality and therefore does not support racism or bigotry. We can see this in the current administration’s policies that have led to all time low black unemployment, all time high black entrepreneurship, and exceptionally high Hispanic income growth.

Nazi’s, Jews, The Right, and The Left

The right is far from anti-Semitic. As the Democratic Party distances itself from Christian values, more devout Christian people gravitate toward the right. These Christians hold Israel and the Jewish people in high regard. This is why it was a campaign promise of Trump to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Of course, the Democrats were opposed to this, and some say it is because they are Anti-Semitic or support Palestine, but the reality is, the Democrats oppose anything Trump does, even if they supported it the day before.

As an example, in 1995 the house and senate overwhelming supported a resolution to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Neither Clinton, Bush2, or Obama acted on it. On June 3th, 2017, the US Senate unanimously (90-0) passed a resolution calling on the president to abide by the provisions of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 (ie, move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem). Those same Democratic senators that demanded Trump move the embassy, denounced him for moving the embassy. (you have to wonder how quickly they would have called him an anti-Semite if he had not moved the embassy).

Nazi’s Are Not Right Wing

The simple truth is Nazi’s stood for government controlled social engineering, social welfare, and strict control over the minds of the people. This is not only completely against the Right Wing ideology of limited government and individual liberties, but is actually closer to the Democratic platform of socialism and social justice.

The only reason the Democrats keep falling back to calling the Right Wingers Nazi’s is because everyone can agree that Nazi’s are bad. And by calling everyone they disagree with “Nazi’s” the  Democrats can pat themselves on the back for being “better” than their opponent. Nazi’s have become synonymous with racists. The Democrats love to accuse the right of being racist, so using the “Nazi” slur is just another way to do that. This is because what it truly boils down to is that the Democrats are elitists who think that they are better than you, they know better then you, and you need to just let them control everything… Sounds like Nazi’s to me.