The Fake Plague of 2020

We should all be ashamed of ourselves. How quickly this country (and most of the world) was willing to give up their basic human rights is sickening. 

Sure, we got duped by scare tactics and fear mongering. When this coronavirus outbreak started, they said over 2 million people in the US would die. Then they said, between 100k and 250k. Now they are saying 60k, and even that number looks to be inflated. We were expecting 60,000 flu deaths this year. But since coronavirus started, the CDC has stopped tracking those… or are they just counting them as coronavirus deaths? We have seen multiple Doctors sharing letters they received from the CDC saying that they should list COVID-19 (the disease caused by the coronavirus) as the cause of death even if a patient has not tested positive for it as long as they showed symptoms (the same symptoms as the flu) or have been known to be in contact with someone who did test positive. Let’s be clear here, this is not how we report cause of death in other circumstances.

“In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely. ”

The recent coronavirus stimulus package passed by our overlords gives a financial incentive to hospitals to falsify their records to show a higher number of cases and fatalities due to COVID-19. The receive funds for every infected patient and death that they had in their facility. 

So, for a pandemic that looks to be no deadlier than the average seasonal flu, we have closed schools, eliminated the right to assemble, closed churches and restricted movement of citizens. In California, someone was arrested for paddle-boarding in the ocean… alone. Their are border checkpoints between states, and in Rhode Island, the National Guard is going door to door to find people from New York.

One of the most disturbing things I have read in regards to this unprecedented abuse of our rights is that both Apple and Google have announced that they will alert you if you have been near someone who has COVID-19. Think about that for a minute. Both Apple and Google are not only tracking your movements, but they are also tracking who you come into contact with. I am sure this will never be used for foul purposes… And I am sure this information will never fall into the hands of someone that it shouldn’t…

I will tell you this, I just bought a faraday bag from Amazon to keep my phone in when I am out so they can’t track me. I suggest you do the same.

I find it very interesting that these “stay at home” orders are being created and enforced at the state, county or city level. Why not the federal level? Because it is a violation of constitutional rights to restrict the movements of a person that is not infectious or is not a convicted criminal. Therefore, the federal government only released guidelines. The states, counties and cities then overstepped the law by enforcing those guidelines. 

What I find more interesting… and discouraging is that the people that I know on the left side of the political spectrum (who have all been screaming for the past 3 years that Trump wants to be a tyrant) are now faulting Trump for not enforcing these orders, and making stricter orders, nationwide. 

I deeply fear for our country and our liberties when the reaction by the opponents to the party in power who is suggesting oppressive actions to take away our liberties is: you need to be doing more. Let me restate that so it is clear. One party suggests limiting our rights, and the other party says we need to limit even more of our rights. 

On a positive side, The Attorney General is already raising alarms about what he himself is calling “Draconian” lockdowns. The Trump administration has also declared that gun stores are essential businesses and should remain open. So at least we can remain armed and prepared to take our liberties back if it comes to that.

Another issue I want to point out is the confusion over what these “Stay at Home” orders are and are supposed to accomplish. The reality is that these stay at home orders are not meant to keep anyone from getting the coronavirus. They are simply meant to “flatten the curve”. this means that they are trying to slow down the number of cases at any given time so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. Your local hospital might be able to handle 20 or 30 COVID-19 cases per week being treated and then released, but they can not handle hundreds of cases per week. So instead of everyone getting sick in March, we flatten the curve so the same amount of people get sick, but it is stretched out through April and May and possibly even June as well. By the time enough people have caught and recovered from COVID-19, we will achieve “herd immunity” and the disease will go away. Slowing the spread also buys us time to come up with a vaccine that can give us herd immunity without 70% of the population having to get sick from coronavirus, but that will likely take longer than developing natural herd immunity unless the current path to FDA approval is suspended.

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