Corona Virus Cases Are Spiking and it is a Good Thing

If you actually still pay attention to the mainstream media, you will see that they are back on the pandemic fear kick.  I guess the race war they were trying to start isn’t going anywhere (mostly because the people on the left are far more racist than those on the right, but the leftist racists just think they are trying to help minorities that they view as incapable of helping themselves.)

So we are back to Corona Virus fear mongering.  And why not? The news reports make the situation look dire.  After all, corona virus cases are spiking all over the country.  

What is really going on. 

Of course, there are several things the media is purposefully leaving out of their narrative.  When they want to spread fear, they have to pick and choose what to report. 

An Uptick in Covid Cases was to be Expected

The lockdowns were designed to “flatten the curve”.  That meant that with the lockdowns in place, we would have fewer cases at once, but the cases would stretch out over a longer period of time.  The total number of infected would not change because we need to have between 60% and 80% of population infected to achieve heard immunity.  The lockdown was only intended to draw it out so that we would not over run our hospitals.  Removing the lockdown was bound to increase the number of infected. 

I live in Florida.  Florida is currently having a huge “spike” in new corona virus cases.  But we still have over 23% of our hospital beds in the state vacant.  (click here to see updated hospital bed counts in Florida)  We are still not overwhelming the hospitals. 

Testing has Increased Significantly

Testing in the US has increased significantly over the past couple of months.  More tests is going to equal more people testing positive.  At the end of April, the US was testing about 200,000 people per day and getting about 25,000 positives for for an 18.9% weekly average of people tested who tested positive in the last week in April.  (this is also when only people with symptoms were being tested). 

In the most recent week in June, the US tested 500,000 people with 38,000 of them testing positive (5.9%).  2.5x the number of tests and less than 2x the number of positives.  

The spike in corona virus cases is fake news. See the results for yourself here.

Corona Virus Deaths Are Dropping Significantly

The most important piece of relevant information that the mainstream media is not telling anyone is that the number of deaths due to Corona virus has dropped significantly.  

At the peak of the pandemic during the weak of April 18th, the US had 16,326 deaths attributed to Covid-19. 

For the week ending June 20th, there were 271 deaths due to Covid-19 (this number may be adjusted, but the downward trend is the significant part of the story.  See the updated numbers for yourself on the CDC’s web site).

There is no Doom and Gloom

An unbiased look at the numbers shows that yes, more people are testing positive, but only because more people are being tested.  The percentage of positive tests are dropping significantly.  Also, the deaths are dropping significantly. 

As a result, we are getting closer to achieving heard immunity and ending the pandemic.  

Why Does the MSM push the bad?

If the news is actually good, then why does the mainstream media spin it to look bad?

Some people thing it is for ratings.  It has always been the policy of the mainstream media to project doom because that increases ratings and therefore increases the amount they can charge for advertising and so their profits go up. 

Some people also think the mainstream media is partnered with the Democratic Party in an attempt to disrupt the current presidents re-election by destroying his economic gains and making him look bad. 

Others thing the mainstream media is pushing for more totalitarian controls to aid the elitists who want to take your freedom. 

I don’t know the real reason behind their actions, but I do know that they are not telling you the truth.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Truth is a sword that cuts deep especially to those who only want to hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest no matter what facts are brought forth. I would rather be considered a moron in the eyes of those who will stop at nothing to bring forth an agenda of outright insanity. Keep sharing. The stones of hatred will be tossed, but truth can never be compromised because it is what it is, Truth.

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