Covid Didn’t Work, So Now They Are Trying To Start A Race War

The CDC numbers now show that in most places Flu deaths are higher than Covid-19 deaths. (oddly enough, places like New York, that have had huge problems recently paying pensions, have a much higher Covid death rate… and most of those deaths have been in nursing homes that the state forced to accept people with Covid into).

Simply put, if you do not live in a nursing home, you are more likely to die in a car accident than from Covid. In addition, The WHO recently stated that asymptomatic Covid case are not likely to be contagious. Considering the draconian measures put in place by many state governments during this “pandemic” were based on the concept that you can spread the disease, even if you don’t know you have it, the whole narrative is unravelling.

So what are totalitarian elitists hell bent on destroying the country before the November election going to do? Start a race war.

Creating A Powder Keg, Then Setting It Off

Locking people in their homes for several months, denying them the ability to socialize, be with friends, and go to church seems a great way to increase stress and put people on edge. 

Next, you need to find an inciting incident. 

I will be the first to admit that the militarization of our police departments is a big problem. In some cities (like Chicago or Los Angeles) where criminal gang activity has turned parts of the city into a war zone, there may be a compelling argument for the militarization of local law enforcement, but I can’t help but think there is a better way. 

I also do not agree with the privatization of our prison system (one of the few things that I do not agree with privatization of). I believe incarceration for profit incentivizes harsh sentencing and imprisonment for crimes that should not require jail time. 

I long for the days of Andy Griffith where law enforcement was a friendly part of the community that chastised those who made mistakes, and a simple misunderstanding didn’t haunt you for the rest of your life.

When I was young adult 20+ years ago, if you got pulled over driving with a little bit of a buzz, and it was your first time, the cop would simply make you call someone to come get you, not take you to jail and cost you over 10k in fines. If you got into a bar fight, the cops didn’t care. If you got stopped with weed, the cop was either going to dump your bag on the ground or put it in his pocket. either way, you left with a warning.

That being said however, statistics clearly do not support the claim that policing in inherently racist (unless they are twisted to do so). In addition, in the case of George Floyd (whose death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers has been the inciting incident to set off this powder keg, There is no indication that the police acted out of racism. George Floyd was a violent criminal with multiple arrests who was resisting arrest while under the influence of narcotics. His skin color did not matter. The 4 officers involved in his death were like the poster for police diversity. 1 White man, 1 Black man, 1 Asian man and 1 Spanish man. 

Yes, the police did not treat George Floyd like a human being. These officers showed no empathy. What they did was wrong. However, I believe it was the result of the militarization of law enforcement and the prison for profit system we have in place. It was not racism.

The Bad Guys Want To Divide Us

Calling someone a racist has been a tool of the elite for a very long time. Why? Because 99% of the country hates racists. It does not matter what side of the isle you sit on politicly, everyone agrees that racism is bad. Therefore, if someone is a racist, everyone agrees that they are bad. The problem is that the elitists call people racist when they are not racist just to get people to dislike them. Nancy Pelosi once talked about a “political device” of making up a lie about someone, getting the media to report that lie as truth, and then pointing to those media reports to verify the lie. 

This is exactly what the George Floyd case looks like to me. A case of an over militarized police doing what they do being spun into a case of racism to enrage an already tense population and create a scenario that divides the nation. It seems to have succeeded. 

Let’s be clear here: Everyone thinks racism is bad. Everyone thinks police brutality is bad. However, not every case of police brutality is racism.

Tony Timpa died last year in Texas after officers kneeled on his upper back for 13 minutes as he cried out that they were killing him. When he finally stopped responding, the police made fun of him. Where were the protests? Where was the media coverage? Where was the outrage?

There wasn’t any because he was not black, so the media couldn’t call it racism.

How Do We Proceed?

I would love to say “Let cooler minds prevail”, but that will not happen. The Presidents executive order on Safe Policing is a great start, but more needs to be done. And of course, the mainstream media will never admit that the president did anything good, so the people that have gotten all riled up by this false narrative will not be appeased by this.

I think the true irony here is that the far left are the ones spearheading these protests. The people who advocate for bigger government are also advocating for “defunding” the police system needed to enforce the bigger government they want.

The same people who claim building a wall to protect our borders is wrong built a wall to protect the borders of their autonomous state. The same people who want to strip your 2nd amendment rights are patrolling their autonomous state with AR-15’s

They are showing that everything they stand for is wrong. But they think they have the moral high ground. They think they are right. So what should we do?

I think it is becoming a necessity to take extra precautions to defend yourself and your property from the Socialist Brown Shirts (ANTIFA) and other extremist groups that are trying to destroy our nation. 

I have gone back to the practice I employed after a hurricane knocked out my power for a week a couple years ago. I keep my 300aac AR-15 pistol by my desk during the day and by my bed at night. I am also now daily carrying a larger, higher capacity pistol. I recommend everyone who can, get a concealed carry permit and carry everywhere. 

I have also set up wifi cameras around my home to record anyone trying to break in. I decided to by a Wyze Cam Pan for inside the house and a few standard Wyze Cams for outside (with weatherproof mounts. These cameras automatically start recording when they detect motion and send that HD video to the cloud and alert my phone. I can then stream the video or watch the live feed from my phone. These cameras send a 12 second clip to the cloud for free, or you can pay $1.49 per camera per month for it to send a continuous recording to the cloud while motion is detected. That is far cheaper than my last security camera. 

It is important to be able to defend yourself, your family and your property in these times of social unrest. And it is even more important to be able to have video to prove that you were acting in self defense.

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