A Picture of Hurricane Dorian

I live close to Cape Canaveral. By close, I mean that when I want to see a rocket launch, I go to my back yard. I am about a mile from the River, and maybe 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. So, when Hurricane Dorian started heading to Florida’s east coast, I took an interest.

Initial Reports

At first, it looked like Hurricane Dorian was going to go west over the Bahamas, then continue north-west across Florida and out into the Gulf of Mexico. This is what the news was reporting, and the question was how far north along Florida’s coast was landfall going to be? 

It was during this timeframe that I was talking to a group of friends and expressing concern that it would come onshore just south of me in Vero Beach. This would put the North end (the worst end) of the storm over me. It was in this conversation that a friend of mine said “don’t worry about it, it will turn north sooner then they say and stay offshore. Florida won’t get hit that bad.” I was skeptical. Then he told me “seriously, we didn’t even take the rocket off the launch pad… it isn’t going to be bad at all”. You see, my friend works at the Space Center. 

The North Turn

A few days later, the news changed their predictions and were now saying that the storm would turn north and stay offshore… just like my friend had told me. Although the news was still claiming “hurricane-force winds” and “massive storm surge”. I began to wonder about my friends prediction. It seems to me there are only 2 ways he could have been right while all the meteorologists were wrong. 

The First Way

Is it possible that the government is controlling the weather? Could these hurricanes be weaponized, or at least manipulated to go where we want them to go?

The Second Way

Is the news media purposely pushing miss information to get better ratings or increase their sponsors sales by causing panic buying?

I honestly wasn’t sure what scenario was more likely.

Leaning One Way

Then I remembered something that I learned when I was a child. I am guessing that this isn’t knowledge that everyone got in elementary school, and it was specific to us because we lived so close to Cape Canaveral, but we were taught that the scientists choose to build the Kennedy Space Center where they did because the way the Gulf Stream moves by Florida in this particular spot would make it very unlikely to get a direct hit by a hurricane.

So I checked the hurricane forecasts again and they said Dorian had hurricane-force winds (over 75 mph) extending out 40 miles from the center of circulation. 

Next, I checked the buoy information and found that the western wall of the Gulf Stream was 45 miles off the coast

That meant that even if Hurricane Dorian traveled along the edge of the Gulf Stream, hurricane-force winds would probably stay 8 miles to the east of me.

Meanwhile, the news was still preaching doom and gloom. They were telling us that we should expect hurricane-force winds for 24 hours straight.

What Really Happened With Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian passed by 70 miles off the coast. As radar was showing the eye due east of me, I was on my front porch. It wasn’t windy or raining. Overall we had a couple inches of rain, and wind gusts up to 25 mph. An average summer thunderstorm is worse. We never lost power, and the rain and wind wasn’t even enough to wash some fresh bird crap off my truck…

While writing this, I realized that I needed some good photographs to go with this story. So I hopped in my truck and drove around town. What I noticed was a lot of palm fronds on the ground. No flooding, no real wind damage… just palm fronds. There were a couple of sailboats that had grounded themselves, but that is to be expected. (In Florida it is easy to find a used sailboat for a few grand, and if you anchor in the river… no rent. So many of the sailboats anchored in the river are people that are 1 step away from being vagrant and therefore they are not able to do much preparation for any storm)

Overall, the town I live in actually looks better today than usual. Mostly because it seems most of the people in town have taken the time to clean debris out of their yard and trimmed their trees.

So what is the Conspiracy?

After realizing that I could predict the impact of this storm better than the news by using basic information that I learned in elementary school, I came to the conclusion that NASA was not controlling the weather, they were simply paying attention. 

The news media likely also knew that this storm was no big deal for Florida. However, why pass up a good opportunity to cause panic, increase ratings, and sell a lot of their sponsors products?

The mainstream media has already shown that they can not be trusted when it comes to politics… now they have proven to me that they can not be trusted when it comes to the weather either. They are not news. They are just propaganda and marketing for the left. What good are they??

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