Why The Left Wants Hate Crime So Badly They Make It Up

We have seen a disturbing rise in fake hate crimes recently. The recent Jussie Smollett case is only the latest in a string of hoax hate crimes. There has been the Ohio University LGBT threats, The Drake University Racist Threats, and the Kean University Twitter threats, to name a few. The Daily Caller wrote an article that list 19 fake hate crimes since Donald Trump was elected president.

Why Do People Fake Hate Crimes?

For several decades, the Democratic Party has been pushing a simple message: “We are the party of equality and social justice, while the Republicans are the party of racism and oppression.”

The say that Republicans are racist for wanting voter ID laws, yet it is the Democrats who say the minorities are not smart enough to be able to get a state issued ID. They say that Republicans are racist for wanting to end Affirmative Action for College admissions, yet it is the Democrats that say that minorities aren’t smart enough to get accepted into these Colleges using the same standards as white people.

In the slightly over 2 years since Trump has been elected, we have seen great benefits for minorities, the poor and the middle class. This goes against what the Democrats have been convincing people of for years.

Unemployment (and minority unemployment) is at record lows. CNBC admits “The employment picture for black Americans is better than it ever has been.” Middle Class wages, after years of stagnation as shown in this 2014 article, are rising. Even CNN admits: “Americans’ finances are continuing to improve.” 

Trump has spent more money to help HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) than any other president. 

Trump supported Prison Reform championed by Black Leaders that has been called “overdue for Black America”. 

All of this combined has led some to call Trump the “most pro-black president I’ve seen in my lifetime”.

This Is Why The Left Makes Up Hate Crimes

The narrative is unraveling. How can all of this be true? People on the left have been convinced for years that Republicans are evil hate mongers and racists. When the facts are proving that it has been the policies of the DNC that have truly been racist, those people who joined the DNC to fight racism are stuck having to either accept that they were naive enough to fall for the Democrats lies, or, they need to find proof that they (and the Democrats) were right about the Republicans… even if they have to fabricate the proof.


Recently, a Washington Post Op-Ed, written by the executive assistant for the editorial board wrote “I doubted Jussie Smollett. It breaks my heart that I might be right.” This journalist actually wrote “I need this to be true”.

Like so many other Democrats who thought they were fighting against the evils of racism… You need some sort of proof that the Republicans, the Trump supporters are the racists, Even though all the evidence points to the party that you supported as being the true divider, the true base of racism and hatred in our country.

It is hard for many people on the left to face the facts that they have been supporting the true racists, when all they wanted to do was fight against racism. Therefore, they are quick to support anything at all that seems to verify that they were not wrong, and in some cases, they go as far as to fake the evidence that it is really the other side that is the racist.

The reality is, the Republicans are not racist. They believe that equality is achieved by equal treatment of everyone. But the Democrats don’t believe that. Therefore they look for any evidence they can find that looks like the Republicans are racist. Even if they have to make it up.

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