Suppression of Dissent: The Establishment’s War on “Fake News”

fake-news-hillary-winsThe 2016 Presidential Election in the United States of America was a historical event on many fronts. For the first time in about 30 years, the Elite lost control of the direction this country is headed. They didn’t know why, and they didn’t know how to stop it.

We saw it at the beginning of the election cycle. Out of left field, the two “anti-establishment” candidates gained massive popular support. Of course, the Elite didn’t mind. They had their candidates: Bush, Romney, Clinton, Rubio… all puppets of the establishment. One of them would win one of the nominations, and then they would win the election.

But then Donald Trump won the republican nomination, and Bernie Sanders looked poised to take the democrat nomination. But the establishment still wasn’t worried. They lied, and cheated and gave Clinton the nomination.

There was no way she would loose to Trump they thought. After all, the establishment controls the media, and through that they control the opinion of the masses.

What the Elite failed to realize is that the people had figured out that the mainstream media was nothing more then propaganda. The people figured out how to find news from other sources.

The Power of the Internet

The establishment has always short changed the power of the internet. The internet has truly given everyone a globally accessible voice. To explain this in better detail, I am going to go over what happened to one establishment industry: Hollywood. Back in the 1930’s and 40’s, the big Hollywood studios had set up a sort of monopoly. If you were a film maker, you had to work within the studio system, or your films would never be seen because the studios controlled the distribution, and exhibition of motion pictures. And although anyone with the money could make a motion picture, if you couldn’t get it distributed you couldn’t get it exhibited, and if you couldn’t get it exhibited, no one would see it.

This gave the media companies to much control over public opinion. So in the 1950’s, the government stepped in to stop this. (or more likely, they stepped in to partner with the media companies for that control). In the 1940’s anti-trust litigation was brought against the 5 major Hollywood studios forcing them to give up the “exhibition” part of their business model. Soon after, television came along and further diminished Hollywoods power to control exhibition of media.

hollywood-fake-newsHowever, over the next 50 years, through mergers and back room deals, Hollywood once again acquired a stranglehold on the distribution and exhibition of media. (for example, Disney owns ABC, ESPN, The History Channel, Lifetime, A&E, and many others. Comcast owns Universal Studios, NBC, Telemundo, E!, The Weather Channel, Syfy, Bravo, Flixster, Rotten Tomatoes, and many others. Time Warner owns Time Magazine, Warner Brothers, HBO, CNN TruTV, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, The CW, and many more). But this time, through government programs like “Operation Mockingbird”, the government was in on the plan.

Then along came the internet. The internet gave exhibition and distribution to anyone with access to a computer (or tablet, or smartphone). The establishment has had a hard time dealing with the internet. They have been supportive of it when it suits them, and dismissive of it when it doesn’t. When something on the internet starts to take to much of their viewers (ie money), they first try to absorb it (see Rotten Tomatoes, Shit My Dad Says, etc), and if they can’t assimilate it, they try to destroy it (Hulu was created by the Media Elite to combat Netflix).

The interesting thing is, the establishment is always a step behind when it comes to combating the free distribution of information on the internet. They seem to not know it exists until it costs them.

And this brings us back to the 2016 presidential election. The Global elite seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that millions of people were getting their news from alternative news sources on the internet. News sources that they didn’t control, news sources that were not regurgitating the same “approved” message. News sources that were telling the truth.

msm-fake-newsI will admit that many of these alternative news sources online use attention grabbing headlines that may not be an exceptional representation of the content of the story they are attached to, but mainstream media does the same thing. (One needs look no further then the recent terrorist attack at Ohio State University to see this. Mainstream Media quickly dropped headlines that an “Active Shooter” was on campus even though the attacker used his car, and a knife. The only gun on that scene was used by the law enforcement officers that stopped the attack) *The three headlines in the photo to the right are screenshots taken from my feedly news feed. They are from the local ABC, CBS, and NBC stations. I removed the names of the stations to protect my location.

Many online “alternative media” sites are just like the site you are reading right now. We don’t have huge budgets to send out investigative journalists. Instead, we research online. When possible, we link to our sources. Some of our writing tends to be opinionated, but you get that with mainstream media as well. Other news sites (like Breitbart, or Drudge Report) are just as well funded as the mainstream media channels. They have many journalists that are out beating the street just like any other “mainstream” media outlet. (Or maybe not like the mainstream media outlets. It seems like most of their “journalists” were being fed stories at elitist dinner parties. Click here and here for more info on the reporters that met with the Hillary Campaign at secret dinners.

So the Establishment thought they had it all tied up. They thought the majority of people would buy their propaganda, and think the way they are told to think. They ignored the popularity of the “Alternative Media”. But why? Could it be that they had already come up with a plan? There was an idea circulating hundreds of years ago, that in order to control a government, you needed to not only control the media source that would be your biggest supporter, you also needed to control your biggest dissenter. That way, you could control the negative conversation as well as the positive. It seems the elite failed to do this in regards to alternative media. The Establishment seems to have thought that controlling both the left, and right wing mainstream media outlets was enough to control the narrative. However, that stopped working when people stopped trusting either side of the mainstream media.

So now the elite have lost the election. And while I am sure they are in the middle of the power dealing in both Washington and Trump Tower right now trying desperately to insert themselves into the new administration and retain as much of their power as possible, They are also trying to figure out how to retain their power over your opinions.

pavehawk_flymc2smThe first wave of this attempt to neutralize “Alternative media” is to try to make them irrelevant. That term “Fake News” is being thrown around a lot in the mainstream media to describe “Alternative Media”. However, these “Fake News” sites have been just as accurate in their reporting (if not more so) then the mainstream media. The “Fake News” label is a way for the establishment to dismiss the real news in favor of propaganda by telling you that the real news is just “some crazy conspiracy theory”. This is a crazy plan that the establishment has been trying for years, and most of us already know it is just propaganda. So when the mainstream media says the Clinton emails were from the Russians, we know it is just as untrue as when we were told chemtrails are fake and there are no black helicopters.

So what is next? I am sure that as the attempt at censorship of dissenting views by use of the label “fake news” fails, we will then see the elite trying to assimilate the major alternative media sites. Soon, we will see sites being bought up by the major media conglomerates. then they will start peddling their own official left or right views.

However, what the establishment will never fully understand is that for every “alternative site” they assimilate or remove, 10 more will appear. People will always hunt for the truth, and the internet will always have it… if you dig deep enough.

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