Cascadia: What Would Happen if the West Seceded From the Union?

cwy8f6ruqaawdufThere has been a lot of talk over the past few days of California, and other western bastions of liberalism, wanting to secede from the union and create their own country. But is this possible?

The south tried to secede from the union, and the Civil War ensued. But can it be done in modern times? we often hear threats from Texas claiming they want to secede. From what I have been led to believe, since Texas didn’t officially join the union until after they Civil War, they put safe guards in place to ensure their right to secede. However, the truth is it is not legal for any state to secede from the union.

If a state did vote to secede from the union, that state would immediately be placed under martial law, and their state governments would be officially dissolved. The rights of the citizens of that state would be temporally revoked, and they would be reduced to an occupied territory. A state like Texas would then rise up in armed rebellion. However, states like California have already effectively disarmed the majority of their citizens…

California does have a State run National Guard that could be called to defend the state against the federal forces, but the Ca National guard only consists of about 18,000 troops and an air force of just under 5,000. These troops would be forced to choose sides, and many would defect to the Union leaving well under 20,000 troops against the full force of the US Military. California would quickly become nothing more then an occupied territory whose citizens no longer have any rights under the US Constitution.

California technology and entertainment industries would also fall into upheaval. With most of the the income these companies rely on being protected under US Copyrights and patents, those would no longer be enforceable in the remaining United States unless those companies abandoned California and remained loyal to the Union. Travel for Californian “rebels” would be severely restricted as countries at war usually do not grant travel visa’s.

My guess would be that many of California’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs would figure this out and flee California before the state voted to secede, and many more would become “refugees” as soon as hostilities erupted. This would decimate the productivity, and with it the economy, of California.

Since California’s liberal policies have already done grave damage to the states agricultural industries, That state can not sustain itself with massive importation of food.  Since this importation of food would be subject to massive taxes and tariffs, hyperinflation, in a state that already has out of control costs of living, would leave many Californians homeless and starving.

oakland-protestLet’s face it, “Cascadia” could not survive without the aid of the country it wants so desperately to rid itself of. Seceding from the union would be one of the greatest mistakes in history.

But thankfully we know that the very idea is nothing more then hyperbole from a whiny populous who is throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way.

When an entire group of people has been raised receiving “participation trophies” and being told that “no one is a loser” the stark reality of loosing can be to much to bear. Let’s all hope that the liberal west coast can quickly come to grips with reality, pull up their big kid pants and get down to the task at hand. Let’s all Make America Great Again.

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