The Elite Still Don’t Understand How They Lost the Election

Adding insult to injury, the Democrats latest attempt to overthrow the election results has ended in utter embarrassment for them. Calls to “vote your conscious” aimed at Electoral College electors backfired when only 2 Republican electors dissented and voted against Trump (with 1 voting for Kasich and 1 voting for Ron Paul). Meanwhile, 4 Democrat electors dissented and voted against Clinton (with 3 of them voting for Republican Colin Powell). 3 other Democrat electors refused to vote for Clinton, and were replaced by people who would vote for her. Those three electors were from Maine, Colorado, and Minnesota. (here is the New York Times report for those worried this may be “Fake News”)

i-votedThis comes after the previous attempt by the Democratic party to have the November 8th election delegitimized by demanding recounts in 3 key states. The recounts backfired for the Democrats when the recounted tallies in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin both came back giving Trump more votes then were originally reported, and the recount in Michigan showed evidence of massive voter fraud on the part of the Democrats. 37% of the precincts in Detroit (an area where votes for Clinton far outnumbered votes for Trump) tabulated more ballots than the number of actual voters counted in the poll books.

Of course, the Elites still have a few tactics to try to subvert the election. We have all seen the recent claims that Russia “hacked” the election. Now, when Trump himself brought up the possibility of election fraud leading up to the election, the Elite claimed that the mere mention of someone hacking the election was “an existential threat to the republic.”. They claimed that it was not possible to rig an election. Obama himself said that it is “impossible” to rig an election, and “irresponsible” to claim so. There is some irony in the fact that the people who lost the election and are now claiming that the election was rigged, just a few short weeks ago said that it was a sign of a weak character to claim that the election is rigged simply because it doesn’t go your way.

Then there is the “Fake News” claim. Let’s be honest here, “Fake News” is a name being given to any website that isn’t spewing the mainstream media propaganda. The leaked Podesta emails (that no one is refuting the legitimacy of, although some say they came from a Russian hack, and others say they came from a leak by a disgruntled DNC employee) show that 65 “journalists” from the mainstream media were in collusion with the Clinton campaign to spread pro Clinton propaganda. Now, all reporting is biased. However, when people read a website like Infowars, or even this site, they know to factcheck our claims (something easily done by following the links we provide in the articles). However, most people tend to take mainstream media reports at face value making their bias more dangerous. Freedom of the press exists as a safeguard to our freedom. Other opinions, especially dissenting ones, must be heard. To try to censor these opinions by labelling them “Fake News” is a very dangerous path.

What the “mainstream media” fails to realize is that the majority of Americans no longer believe them because they have been lying to us for the past 8 years. You can tell us the economy is recovering, and unemployment is down all you want, but we know that we are in far worse shape now then we were 8 years ago. Unemployment numbers may be down, but that doesn’t include the record number of people that are “out of the labor force” (these are unemployed people that are not counted in unemployment statistics). The people that are still employed know that we are not earning what we did 8 years ago. Most job growth over the past 8 years has been in low paying “service sector” jobs. Home ownership is at a record low.

The media can tell us that more people have medical insurance now then ever before, but many Americans, myself included, have insurance because it is mandated. The insurance is lousy (only covering 60% of costs, and medical costs have skyrocketed) and we still can’t afford to go see a doctor as a result.

So as the “mainstream media” continued to push propaganda on the masses that was obviously “fake news”, the population stopped trusting the “mainstream media”

Now, all those that still trusted the “mainstream media” are shocked and amazed to see that the real world is much different then what they had been led to believe. They are shocked to see that the Elitist candidate who showed nothing but disdain for the ordinary American did not get the votes of the ordinary American. They truly thought that Hillary Clinton was the only good candidate because that is how the “fake news” from the mainstream media portrayed her. But everyone who had lost faith in the “mainstream media” fact checked their claims and realized that Clinton was in bed with the same “corporate bad guys, and Wall St Banksters” that ruined our country. Anyone who fact checked the popular account saw that Hillary was the racist, the misogynist, the elitist. Trump was the only option for anyone who wanted to get away from the trainwreck that the Obama administration has caused in this country.

But go ahead. Blame the FBI, Blame the Russians, Blame the Alt Media. Blame anyone but yourselves. You can even go back and blame GW Bush, but do yourselves a favor, and wait until Trump is actually in office before you start blaming him.

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