Left Wing Conspiracy Indicts Planned Parenthood Activists

In an amazing turn of events, a Grand Jury investigating criminal activities by Planned Parenthood (who was accused of selling embryonic body parts and organs) instead indicted the activists that exposed the criminal activities in a series of undercover videos released last year that shocked the country.

The grand jury declared no wrong doing on the part of Planned Parenthood but instead indicted Medical Progress founder David Daleiden and center employee Sandra Merritt for a felony charges of tampering with a government record, and a misdemeanor count related to purchasing human organs.

Planned Parenthood supporters claim this as vindication of Planned Parenthood, however, closer examination reveals that the charges against the activists prove the criminal activities of Planned Parenthood (for which the grand jury making the indictments claims Planned Parenthood didn’t commit).

645px-Euge?ne_Ferdinand_Victor_Delacroix_031The first accusation against the activists is “tampering with a government record”. This charge stems from the admitted use of a fake drivers license to hide their identity from Planned Parenthood employees. The second charge, however, is damning against Planned Parenthood, and evidence of a conspiracy by the Grand Jury. How can you charge someone with purchasing human organs from Planned Parenthood if Planned Parenthood wasn’t selling human organs? This is an obvious sign of a conspiracy by the members of the grand jury. It is really that simple, If there is evidence to indict the activists for buying human organs, then there is evidence that Planned Parenthood was selling human organs. You simply can not buy something from someone who is not selling the thing you are buying.

In my personal opinion, Abortion is morally wrong. However, I do not think it should be illegal. I do not want the government getting involved in peoples personal business, and making abortion illegal will not stop it, it will just push it back into the alleys where dirt doctors with coat hangers will be putting poor young women’s lives in danger. Instead, I believe it is the responsibility of the church to educate people on the alternatives to abortion, and dissuade them from having the procedure done. However, I do not think abortion clinics should be subsidized with out tax dollars either.

I am also not against the sale of aborted fetuses. I think science can learn a lot from embryonic stem cell research, and this is a good way for them to acquire the embryos. However, I am disgusted that any company that is subsidized by tax dollars would charge a woman to have an abortion done, and then turn around a sell the embryo for even more profit. The least they could do is reimburse the woman who had the abortion done.

Back in the days before the abortions was figured out, people still had unwanted pregnancies. Did they raise the child anyway? Not very often. Infant Exposure was a common practice in antiquity. It was the process of leaving an unwanted child out in the wild to “fend for itself” The result was usually that the infant would die of starvation, exposure or be eaten by wild animals. Infant exposure was such a widespread practice that some medieval laws (such as the Visigothic Code), allowed for the enslavement of children found in the wild by any person who wished to take the child and raise it.

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