Did Science Just Prove the Sumerian Religion?

Sumerians are the oldest civilization known to science. They are responsible for the greatest scientific leap forward mankind may have ever had. Much of life as we know it today is a result of Sumerian advances.

sumerian-aliensThe Sumerians were the first people that we know of to have cities. They are also the first people that we know of to develop a written language. In this written language, they left behind their own religious texts that we have available to read today.

As the earliest civilization to write things down, I have always felt that there is a lot to be learned from the Sumerian religion. They were closer in time to when everything happened, and most other religions borrow heavily from them.

The first man (created by the Sumerian Gods) was named Adamu, and was created to work for the Gods in the garden of Edin. Later, the Sumerian Gods became angry with man and created a great deluge to wipe them (us) out… Sound familiar?

The Sumerian Gods seem to have been a bit more “alien” then later ideologies of what God is. In the Sumerian texts, their Gods came here from the planet Nibiru. They came here to mine for gold, and made mankind because they were tired of working in the gold mines. Their planet, Nibiru, was in our solar system, and was the tenth planet from the sun (yes, they considered Pluto a planet). Of course, to them, it was planet #1, and we are planet #7. That is what happens when you count from the outside in as opposed to from the sun out (as we do). Sumerian religion also put the sun at the center of the solar system with the planets orbiting the sun. This idea wasn’t believed again until renaissance scientists thousands of years later came to the same conclusion. Nibiru had an odd elliptical orbit, and only came close to the rest of our solar system every 3 to 4 thousand years.

P9_KBO_orbits_labeled-NEWS-WEBScientists have recently put forth startling evidence that there is indeed a large “9th” (not including Pluto) planet that we have not directly discovered. The planet, according to scientists at California Institute of Technology, has a mass about 10 times that of Earth, and is 20 times farther from the Sun then Neptune. It has an orbit they call a “bizarre, highly elongated orbit,” and takes between 10,000 and 20,000 years to do one complete orbit. (If the orbit is closer to 10,000 years in full, then it would be about 5,000 years for each outside half, and maybe 1,000 years in the middle where it is close enough to travel from there to here. This would fit in precisely with Sumerian mythology of Nibiru being close to Earth every 4,000 years).

The scientists have yet to directly observe the planet, but they have made several observations about orbits of objects in the Kuiper belt, and state that a very large 9th planet that” gravitationally dominates its neighborhood of the solar system… helps explain a number of mysterious features of the field of icy objects and debris beyond Neptune known as the Kuiper Belt.”

So could this mysterious ninth planet that scientists now claim is out there be the Nibiru of Sumerian legend? It seems unlikely that any planet so far from the warmth of the sun would be able to support life, but the similarities are striking. And if there is one thing we have found out studying life on Earth, is that life finds a way… even in the most inhospitable circumstances. We once thought that life couldn’t exist in the sunless world of the deep ocean. But it was there. We once thought that life couldn’t exist in the sub zero temperature of the artic, but it was there. Could their be life in the outskirts of our solar system on a planet the Sumerians thought the Gods came from? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. The Creation account of the Bible was the epic the Sumerians inherited from Noah. The Sumerians came into existence ex nihilo, meaning they were not the product of a former culture in change. This explains the Tower of Babel and the language confusion. The culture at the tower itself stayed, and having a new language, they appear to have come from nowhere. The extreme advancement of the Sumerians gives us some indication of how advanced the pre-flood culture was, and this may explain the legendary city of Atlantis.

    The Sumerians are, in my estimation, the most powerful proof, outside of the Bible itself, of intelligent design of the universe. Their science keeps kicking in and making our science today hiccough. I think it is hilarious that the Big Bang has recently been abandoned for the Anthropic Theory, a classic Sumerian doctrine. In other words, here comes God, and he IS love after all. He made this very comfortable universe just so we could all thrive in it. Being thankful to God is yet to be seen by modern science as useful.

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