2016 Iowa Caucus: Hillary Beats Bernie thanks to Money

hillarySo the Iowa Caucus results are in and Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by 4 votes. However, 6 of the races were a tie and had to be decided by a coin toss… and Hillary won all 6. The odds of someone winning 6 coin tosses are 1 in 64, or roughly 1.2%.

The irony in all of this is that Hillary (the capitalist) beat Bernie (the socialist) because of money. And let’s get one thing straight, despite what Hillary claims on the campaign trail, she is a Capitalist through and through (Whitewater, the cattle-futures miracle, Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie and Norman Yung Yuen Hsu can attest to that).

And Bernie Sanders is a socialist that wants to raise everyone’s taxes. His current plan for giving us all that “free stuff” includes raising everyone’s income tax by about 10% and also includes several other tax increases that will never make it past congress, like raising the estate tax to 65% (meaning money you inherit from your parents when they pass away), taxing investments (like 401k’s) at the same rate as any other income, and taxing corporate profits on sales outside the US (something that is simply unenforceable). Considering much of his plan to pay for his programs sound nice on paper, but simply can not be done, he would either have to cut back his plans, or raise income in ways that he can (like more income taxes, federal sales taxes, etc)

To be fair, NPR is claiming that there was only 1 coin toss, and it didn’t help Hillary at all. However, The Blaze, The Independent, Market Watch, and the Washington Post, the NY Daily News, and Vanity Fair (among others) all claim that the caucus was called by 6 coin tosses with Hillary winning all 6.

bernie-janeTo be honest, I am happy Hillary won (whether she cheated to do it or not). I am a capitalist as well, and I am middle class, so I would much rather see Hillary in office then Bernie. I also do not think that the election will be decided by who the Democrats choose to be their candidate. I think the election will be decided by who the Republicans choose. If the Republicans choose someone like Ted Cruz, or Jeb Bush, then the Democrats will win. Both those candidates are un-electable.

What will really be interesting is if the candidates end up being Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are both capitalists, that much is for sure. But Hillary is a conservative pretending to be a liberal, and Trump is a liberal pretending to be a conservative. What a rollercoaster election that will be!

Whatever the outcome of this election, we are in for more of the same BS we have been dealing with for decades. All of the candidates work for the same people (and I have news for you, it isn’t us). We are forced to choose between 2 sides of the same manipulated coin, and are told we a free for being given the choice between their candidates. It is all a farce.

To quote a quote (because I can’t find the original Mark Twain sentiment) I will leave you with a comment by Bill Hicks “I ascribe to Mark Twain’s theory that the last person who should be President is the one who wants it the most. The one who should be picked is the one who should be dragged kicking and screaming into the White House.”

In the videos below you will see 4 different coin tosses. Although they are not all six that have been claimed, three is more then the one that NPR is claiming

Videos of some of the coin tosses

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