Donald Trump Is President: What Have We Learned?

Last night, much of the world was shocked when Donald Trump won the presidential election in the USA.  What lessons can be learned from this election?

election-map-by-districtsI will admit that I didn’t think Donald Trump would win. I thought he had enough support from the American people, but I thought the system was so corrupt that the political elite would never let an outsider like Trump become president. So the question is: is the election system in America really fair, or does the elite have an ulterior motive in allowing a Trump presidency? Only time will tell.

In many ways, even though Trump ran as a Republican, I feel like Trump is actually a third party candidate. He fractured the Republican party, and showed that the general population did not want another Republican “Insider”. For many months, I planned to vote for Gary Johnson. I changed my vote to Donald Trump when I saw how many of the Republican Elite were against him.

This election was a clear sign that the American public was tired of the political ruling class that has held the power reigns for far to long. Since 1988, the country has been in a downward spiral for most Americans. We saw it start with Bush Sr, went through the Clintons, Bush Jr, and even Obama. The policies of our government haven’t changed between the 4 previous presidents, despite the different party affiliations. Hillary Clinton was a presidential candidate that said “If you want more of what you have had for the past 28 years, then vote for me. If you want something different, vote for Trump”.

The Mainstream Media failed the American public this election. Media outlets everywhere showed their elitism, and racism. They thought that Hillary’s fundraising, and spending guaranteed her victory. They thought that several minority groups would just “fall in line” and vote democrat. They assumed Hispanic Americans would all vote for Hillary. The didn’t take into account the Cuban population that is disgusted by the Democrats for appeasing the Cuban government that took everything from them. They didn’t take into account the multitude of hard working, legal Hispanic citizens that are against illegal immigration. They didn’t take into account the Black voters of Caribbean heritage that blame the Clintons for the disaster they made of the Haitian relief effort. They didn’t take into account the millions of Black voters that remember Hillary Clinton calling them “Super Predators”.

vote-for-changeBoth the media, and the Democratic party assumed minorities would vote for Hillary without understanding that that is the simple definition of racism. You can’t think an entire group is just going to do something simply because they are a part of that group… that is exactly what racism is.

The truth is that American public voted exactly the same as they did in 2008. They voted for CHANGE. Maybe this time, they will get it.

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