Is the Zika Virus an Elitist Eugenics Conspiracy?

We have all heard the theories that Ebola, HIV and AIDS were created by the government to eradicate “undesirables” living in our society. In fact, the Nation of Islam endorses the view that governments and pharmaceutical companies have pursued genocidal racist policies including the creation and spread of HIV. Consequently, the group called for a boycott of U.S.-sponsored vaccination programs for children.

All of these are still speculation, and no solid evidence of Ebola, HIV or AIDS being man made has ever been found.

In 2016, we can add the Zika virus to the list of suspected genetically engineered plagues made to decimate unwanted populations.

The history of the Zika Virus

ZIKA VirusZika Virus was first discovered in Uganda (on the African continent) in 1947. Since that time it has been known to exist in a narrow equatorial belt between Africa and Asia. Coincidently, Zika Virus was patented by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1947, and a couple of companies sell the virus online.

In 2014, (over 60 years after it’s discovery) the virus started to spread. Cases were discovered in French Polynesia, and Easter Island. In 2015, cases started to show up in the Americas. At first the disease seemed to be limited to South and Central America as well as the Caribbean islands. By 2016, the Zika outbreak in the Caribbean and South America reached what the World health Organization called “Pandemic levels”.

So why would anyone think the Zika outbreak is Intentional?

When you look at the Zika virus outbreak as a whole, it becomes suspicious.

The Zika Virus causes Zika fever. This is a very mild disease that similar to a mild form of Dengue Fever. Zika Fever often causes only mild symptoms, if any at all. However, it seems to also cause birth defects, and possibly increases risk of miscarriage. If you are looking to reduce a population, striking at that populations ability to reproduce is a strategic way to go about it. Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Jamaica have advised women to postpone getting pregnant until more is known about the risks.

zika virus brazilZika Virus has traditionally been known to be spread by mosquito bites. Brazil is considered to be the epicenter of the Zika Virus outbreak in the Americas, and coincidently is also where a large scale genetically modified mosquito farm is located.

Zika Virus is now thought to be also transmittable through sexual intercourse, (Although it hadn’t been for the previous 70 years). If someone is trying to control a population by attacking its ability to reproduce, making the weaponized disease sexually transmittable seems like a smart idea.

What are the Chances that this is a Natural Evolution of the Virus?

It is actually quite possible that the Zika virus has mutated into it’s current form for self preservation. The GMO mosquitos we mentioned earlier were originally released to eradicate the native populations of the type of mosquito that caries Dengue (and Zika). The company that released the GMO mosquitos claimed that they had a success rate of eradicating 95% of the population of the mosquito that carries Dengue (and Zika).

There is a distinct possibility that this outbreak of the Zika Virus is a direct result of our attempts to eradicate the virus’s original host.

Life finds a way… even viral life.

So what do you think? Is the Zika Virus part of a genocidal plan by the global elite to reduce the population of “undesirables”? Is it a case of science trying to do a good thing, but unwittingly unleashing something far worse? Or is it all just a coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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