What is the Story with Chemtrails?

I have recently began to notice a strange thing happen in social circles. Belief in Chemtrails has become a sort of litmus test for crazy. You have the chemtrail believer friends (who undoubtedly believe every nutty conspiracy theory out there) and the “normal” people who think chemtrails are a crazy fantasy of paranoid people. But is it that crazy?

In a way, it reminds me of the Black Helicopters of the 1990’s. People who believed in “Black Helicopters” (un marked secret government helicopters spying on US citizens) were automatically assumed to be crazy and ridiculed in popular media. Meanwhile, all you had to do was look at the US budget, and there was a clear line item for an unmarked helicopter in country surveillance program. The facts were there. Black Helicopters were real, but the general consensus was that if you believed in them, you were a paranoid nut job.

What do the facts say about Chemtrails?

1024px-Cessna_210_Hagelflieger_DetailWell, the facts say Chemtrails are real as well. In 2008, Physics World released a report claiming that it “should be possible to counteract the global warming associated with a doubling of carbon dioxide levels by enhancing the reflectivity of low-lying clouds above the oceans”. This simply means that they suggest cloud seeding as a way to fight global warming.

Cloud seeding is not just for global warming however. Many governments have been using cloud seeding to fight drought. In 2011, China spent $150 million on a single regional artificial rain program; The US, by comparison, spends around $15 million a year.

That is correct. The United States Federal Government spends 15 million dollars a year on cloud seeding. And it isn’t just the federal government. Nevada is currently debating a bill that would allocate half a million dollars annually to cloud seeding in that state with hopes to alleviate drought conditions. The state had for decades funded such programs, but stopped in 2008 as a result of the recession. Now that the economy is better, they are ready to start again. But is that an isolated incident? Not by a long shot. Wyoming passed a bill to spend 1.4 million dollars annually on cloud seeding programs. Texas also recently began a cloud seeding operation near the Oklahoma boarder. California is spending roughly 300 thousand dollars per year on their cloud seeding program. It took me 5 minutes to find four state funded cloud seeding programs. I am sure there are a lot more.

What is Cloud Seeding?

cloud-seedingCloud seeding is a process of injecting Silver iodide into clouds to promote rain. According to Wikipedia, The crystalline structure of ?-AgI (Silver iodide) is similar to that of ice, allowing it to induce freezing by the process known as heterogeneous nucleation. Approximately 50,000 kg are used for cloud seeding annually, each seeding experiment consuming 10–50 grams.


Is Silver Iodide Dangerous?

Extreme exposure can lead to argyria characterized by localized discoloration of body tissue.


Are Chemtrails and Cloud Seeding the Same Thing?

chemtrails-bwBy pure definition, yes. Spraying a chemical into the atmosphere from an airplane is a chemtrail. And Silver Iodide is a chemical. According to Paranoid Chemtrail advocates, every artificial thing sprayed into the atmosphere by an airplane is an evil chemtrail designed to control our minds, make us sick, or cause some other nefarious outcome. I, however, don’t believe that. I believe that most of these operations are done to increase rainfall or slow down “global warming”. However, I do believe that messing with mother nature will always have unintended consequences. And considering global warming is not real, trying to stop or reverse it could have dire consequences if the methods are successful at changing the natural climate patterns.

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