An Exploration Into the Possibly Hollow Earth

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The hollow earth theory has been around for hundreds, even thousands, of years and is labeled by many as a conspiracy theory and pseudo-scientific. However, the theory has yet to be proven nor is it disproved even though the scientific community has largely dismissed the theory since the 18th century. Still, many researchers have searched for concrete evidence of the earth being a hollow shell and for the possible existence of mysterious inhabitants who live inside of it.

References of a earth that is hollow can be found in many different traditions and cultures around the world including Christianity, Judaism, Ancient Greek mythology, Native American lore, and Tibetan Buddhism. All of these traditions have teachings of a complex cavern system that possibly exists within a hollow earth. People who support and advocate the theory point to these ancient and long existing traditions as “proof” of this interesting theory.

hollow-earth-diagramAncient Myths

The ancient Greek taught of caverns deep inside the earth which could lead a soul to the underworld. Also, the Greek God Zalmoxis was believed to live in a subterranean chamber somewhere beneath the earth’s surface. There have also been teachings found within several different Native American Tribes that discuss ancestors who appeared on earth’s surface from the subterranean depths below. There is a equally fascinating Native American myth about a hollow earth which can be discovered on an Apache Reservation in Arizona where there is believed to be a sacred space that leads to a race of powerful inhabitants who live underneath the surface of the earth.

Tibetan Buddhism is a well-respected and incredibly grounded philosophy and practice. The teachings found within this philosophy include an underground city, called Shambala, that is said to be built and maintained by a race of people with powers far superior to that of humans. Many stories can also be found of monks or lamas who have gone searching for the sacred and ancient city below the surface of the earth only to disappear, never to be seen again.

A Long History

NASA-photo-hollow-earth-entranceSurprisingly, this theory has a substantial following that dates back many centuries and has been extensively researched, analyzed, and reported through articles, books, and teachings from the people who are interested in it. The sort-of cult following and literary exploration of the hollow earth theory has lead to further so-called evidence that the earth has a hollow core and even possibly inhabited by an unknown species in the deep cavern system supposedly found far below the earth’s surface.

In the last few centuries there have been several researchers, scientists, and conspiracy theorists who have further investigated the claims of a hollow earth. For instance, in 1692 a writer named Edmond Halley suggested the Earth was a hollow shell that was approximately 500 miles thick which contains two inner shells and an innermost core. He compared the core to having a diameter equal to Venus, Mars, and Mercury. He proposed each shell was separated by an atmosphere and had individual magnetic poles. He constructed this theory after getting unusual compass readings that he later explained by the hollow earth theory.

Supporters of the hollow earth theory have also mapped out locations of supposed entrances leading into the reported subterranean caverns inside the shell of the earth. Although none of these entrances have been confirmed they have been cited as being found in places such as at the North and South poles; Paris, France, England, Canada, China, Tibet, India, the Rain-forest, and even in mountains found in North America. While proof of these entrances have yet to be found, many people who have searched for them have mysteriously vanished during their explorations.

The hollow earth theory has been around for a long time and it’s probably not going away anytime soon. There are many scientific discoveries which contradict this theory such as gravity, seismic plates, and measures of the earths density; all findings which are indicative of a solid earth that is composed of many different solid materials and rock sediment. However, that does not stop many conspiracy theorists for searching for their own answers and investigating these claims with their own research methods. Unfortunately, many of these people never returned to tell their stories and the ones who did come back did not return with any sufficient evidence. Yet, the theory is still going strong and is even increasing around the world, guaranteeing a future with many more hollow earth stories to come.

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