Science Based Atheism is an Oppressive Religion

I grew up in a rather liberal family. I was baptized Lutheran when I was an infant. I went to Baptist pre-school, and I spent a couple years in a Catholic elementary school. I became a Pagan in High School, and I studied all the religions I could find after that. I soon became an “atheist”, but not just any old non-believer, I believed in science.

My biggest gripe with religion was the way it seemed to want to force it’s beliefs on others. The whole idea of “I’m right, and You are wrong.” never set well with me. It seems oppressive. You see, “I’m right, and You’re wrong” is almost always followed by “You need to do what I say because I am right”. Now, I realize that I am not always right, so forcing someone else to do what I think is right can potentially lead us both to what is wrong.

lemaitre“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.” ? Werner Heisenberg (theoretical physicist and one of the key pioneers of quantum mechanics.)

As I delved deeper into science, my “faith” in scientific atheism began to waiver. Science explains a lot of things. But the explanations are alway in the “how” and not the “why”.

Simple math declares that nothing multiplied by anything is still nothing, so we must conclude that something was required in order for anything to exist.

the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy shows that matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed, only changed. That means that every atom in you, every atom around you, has been here since the beginning of time.

There is a philosophical theory called “Efficient Cause” that roughly states: There is an efficient cause for everything; nothing can be the efficient cause of itself. It is not possible to regress to infinity in efficient causes. To take away the cause is to take away the effect.

Truly, God is at the bottom of the Glass.

Science based Atheism has yet to reach the bottom of the glass. Yet with all the server of religion, it wants to force you to follow it’s unfinished beliefs. And let us leave no room for doubt, Science based Atheism is a belief.

Many people have heard the phrase “I think, therefore I am”. Yet most people are unaware of the origins of this saying. This saying is the answer to the question “Prove anything exists”. The answer is that the only thing that you can prove exists is your own consciousness. I think, therefore I am. Everything else is just a belief.

You believe that you are reading this on a device of some sort (computer, smartphone, tablet, whatever). But how do you read? Light bounces off of an object into your eyes. receptors in your eyes translate that information into electrical impulses that are sent through your nervous system to your brain. Your brain then interprets those signals to create an image in your mind that you believe is what is in front of your eyes. But it might not be.

This is how all of your senses work. When you touch something, nerves in your skin sends signals to your brain that it then interprets. When you smell something, when you hear something, it is all an interpretation your brain has made from electrical signals being fed to it.

You could be a brain in a lab being fed electrical signals made to simulate actual nerve signals. You have no way of knowing for sure.

Everything is a belief.

220px-fa-18_hornet_breaking_sound_barrier_7_july_1999_-_filteredMany scientists and mathematicians have stated that it is not only possible, but probable that we are living in a computer simulation. They say that it is statistically unlikely that we are the one real universe that is about to become technologically advanced enough to create a simulation of the universe as opposed to one of the millions of simulated universes that anyone with that technology would have made.

If we are a simulation, then wouldn’t the creatures in charge of the simulation be “God”?

The simple truth is that we don’t know. We do not know with 100% accuracy that anything is real. As a result, everything we think we know is just a belief. Science based Atheism is a belief no different then Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other religion. It is a system of thought that someone believes to be true.

Yet more and more, these science based atheists want to force their beliefs on the rest of society. They want to create laws to promote their beliefs, they want to force their beliefs to be the only ones taught at schools. They want to do everything they blame religions for doing.

By it’s very nature, science is “the best possible guess using the information available”. New information can change the conclusion (this is how science works). Before the 1900’s scientists believed that traveling over 60 miles per hour would collapse your lungs and you would die. They changed their mind when it was proven false. Before 1950, scientists believed the speed of sound was an impenetrable barrier that was physically impossible to go faster then. They were wrong again. Up until just recently, scientists believed that the speed of light was a constant. Now we have seen light traveling at different speeds.

If science is so fluid, it is insane to say that science must be accepted as fact. It is the very disbelief of science “facts” that push science forward.

Science based Atheists don’t see that they are just another religion trying to forcefully convert the population. They are oppressors, and zealots who believe that anyone with a different idea is wrong. They are what they hate.

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