1,000 Dead in Haiti: It’s the Clinton’s Fault

Last week, our nation was glued to the 24 hour news cycle of Hurricane Matthew coverage. If you live in America’s South East (like I do), the dangers that storm presented were all to real. Much of South Florida was spared the devastation of the storm, but places like Jacksonville Florida saw some catastrophic damage. However, the loss of life in America was minimal.

The same can not be said for Haiti. The poorest country in the America’s, Haiti lost over 1,000 people in the hurricane. The lack of “hurricane proof” buildings, and the destitute living conditions of many of Haiti’s 10 million population were major factors in the devastation the island nation suffered. But why?

6 years ago, in 2010, Southern Haiti was struck by a massive 7.0 earthquake. Death tolls from the quake range from 100,000 to 316,000 (depending on who you ask). An estimated 3 million people were effected by the quake with 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings collapsing in the quake. In 2015, an estimated 64,680 Haitian people were still displaced.

Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were appointed by the UN to supervise relief efforts in Haiti. Overall, some reports say, 18 Billion dollars of relief was donated to Haiti from around the world. So why were so many Haitians still living in makeshift shacks when 145 mile an hour winds from Hurricane Matthew struck southern Haiti 6 years later? Why is so much of Haiti still in ruins from an earthquake that happened 6 years ago?

An investigation in 2015 into the Haitian aid showed that of 130,000 homes claimed to have been built in the “reconstruction” on 6 had actually been built. $500 million dollars that was donated to aid Haiti had simply disappeared.

You can say the Clintons made mistakes in the Haiti re-contruction efforts. You can say the Clintons took advantage of the situation. You can say the Clintons fleeced the Haitian people. What you can’t say it it isn’t their fault. 1,000 Haitians are dead today because the world trusted the Clinton’s to manage the rebuilding of that nation, and they failed.


The poorest nation in the western hemisphere was fleeced by the Clinton family. They used the disaster to launder money, and enrich their friends.

Whether it is Hillary’s Brother, Tony Rodham, becoming a board member of a gold mine in Haiti, Unsavory dealings by Bill Clinton crony (and Clinton contributor) Denis O’Brian (owner of Digicel Telecom, and chairman of the Clinton Global Initiative’s Haiti Action Network), Or Hillary’s work to keep the minimum wage in Haiti at around 30 cents (yes that is right) per hour (even partisan “fact checkers” snopes and politifact concede that that is “mostly true”.) One thing is for certain, If you are from Haiti, the Clinton’s are no friend of yours.






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