Are UFO’s Using Clouds for Cover?

ufo-cloud-formationRecently, there has been an increase in reports of UFO activity in and around clouds. In some instances, UFO’s have been seen to form clouds to hide themselves in. It seems obvious that if an extra terrestrial species has mastered faster then light travel, then they also would have discovered a way to quickly make clouds to hide themselves. So, are UFO’s Using Clouds for Cover?

Weather manipulation is a science that we humans are now becoming familiar with. There are currently several cloud forming operations going on across the country. They are being used for everything from creating rain, to attempting to bounce solar heat back into space to combat global warming. However, our current technology does not allow us to make instant clouds (other then the quickly dissipating contrails of jet airplanes). It does however seem feasible that a more advanced civilization would have the capacity to instantly make a cloud to cloak itself, maybe even a thundercloud. The picture above and to the right show a strange thunderstorm that popped up near the Kennedy Space Center this week. Although there is little evidence to support this storm being anything other then a normal seasonal thunderstorm, the clouds do have a very odd appearance.

The Texas Cube UFO

Late last month, a video showed up on Youtube purporting to show a strange cube shaped UFO appearing out of clouds over El Paso Texas. The video shows several still photos of the object that were supposedly taken by several different eye witnesses in several different locations. The video claims that the cube UFO appeared from a portal within the clouds. The lack of video of this incident, as well as the lack of any third party communication with these “several eye witnesses” leads this writer to think this may be a hoax or viral marketing campaign, but I haven’t ruled out anything yet.

UFO Makes Cloud to Hide Behind

Below we have a video from 2008 that shows an object in the sky creating a cloud to hide behind. The technology being used by this object is clearly beyond anything we have. This clearly shows something using advanced technology. Or, it could also be a talented computer animated hoax. Watch it and decide for yourself.

UFO Disguised as Cloud Making Strange Maneuvers

The video below shows what seems to be a cloud that is being controlled. Although I could accept that these strange movements are due to natural atmospheric conditions, that lack of movement in the other clouds seems to rule this out. There also appears to be some sort of beacon light that flashes several times from within the cloud leading one to believe that this is not a meteorological anomaly, but in fact a controlled craft.

Tell us what you think of these videos in the comments below, and let us know if you have seen any unexplained phenomena in the clouds a

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