Did a UFO Crash Into This Florida River?

UFO-Crash-SiteMysterious Aircraft Goes Into The Water on Thanksgiving

On thanksgiving, witness reporting seeing a mysterious aircraft crash into the Banana river in Brevard county Florida. The local sheriffs office reported doing air sea and land searches to try and find the mysterious craft and had no results. Local News has said that they believe the witness (who was driving across the causeway) mistook a sailboat lowering its sails for a crashing aircraft. “Nothing was ever found, which leads me to believe that they didn’t see what they believed they saw,” Officer David Jacobs said of people who called in the report of the crashed flying object.

Although a hoax is possible, (and considering the current contempt for first responders that we are seeing across the country, probable), the “sailboat” story seems improbable. I would expect it to be rather difficult to mistake a sail on a sailboat for a crashing plane.

Joe Zayas, another local resident who saw the UFO crash while eating his Thanksgiving Dinner, said “It looked to me like an object on fire. Whatever it was, it was falling on fire, It was heading at a slight angle towards the Pineda.”

That doesn’t sound like a sailboat either.

Did a UFO Crash Into The Banana River?

Pineda-Causeway-PAFBDid something crash in the Banana river? The caller who reported the crash said the aircraft went down just south of the Pineda Causeway. Judging by my depth finder app, the river is only about 7 foot deep in that area, so finding a crashed aircraft should have been relatively easy.

However, if the craft was a USO (an unidentified submerged object), then it didn’t actually crash, and continued moving once it was under the water. USO’s are commonly seen effortlessly switching from air to undersea flight paths. Patrick Air Force Base and the USAF 45th Space Wing is just to the north of the crash site on the other side of the Pineda Causeway. Kennedy Space Center and NASA are also about 15 miles to the north. These are all things that could draw the attention of otherworldly visitors. Of course, the proximity to NASA and the Air Force Space Wing also leads one to think that this may have been a highly experimental military aircraft that has the capabilities of flying both above and below the waves.

It would be interesting to find out the direction the craft was heading, and the direction it came from. Could it have just taken off from the runway at PAFB? Or was it returning to the base through the basses canal system?

Whatever it was, we hoped the residents of Brevard County will keep an eye in the sky and on the river to see if their are any additional sightings of this mysterious craft.

What do you think the craft was? could it have been mistaken identity? And actual aircraft in distress? Alien craft, or top secret experimental aircraft? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Cover Photo of the Pineda Causeway supplied by tropicwallpapers.com

*Editors Note: I am currently near the location of this supposed UFO Crash. As of 4 days after the incident I have noticed 2 meteors within a 5 minute span around midnight originating from near the Taurus constellation. Earthsky.com shows that the North Taurids meteor shower is in effect at this time of year. This leads me to believe that what the witnesses saw was a meteor from the North Taurid Meteor shower. Earthsky’s description of the North Taurids is:

The North Taurids: Like the South Taurids, the North Taurids meteor shower is long-lasting (October 12 – December 2) but modest, and the peak number is forecast at about 7 meteors per hour. The North and South Taurids combine, however, to provide a nice sprinkling of meteors throughout October and November. Typically, you see the maximum numbers at around midnight, when Taurus the Bull is highest in the sky. Taurid meteors tend to be slow-moving, but sometimes very bright.



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  3. There is a lot of strange things in the waters off Floridas east coast. Hell, the first UFO sighting in the area was by Christopher Columbus

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