Why Whites Didn’t Steal America From Anybody

steal-america-from-whoWell it is that time of year again. The time when “progressives” nation wide start sharing memes about Europeans being “Illegal Aliens” and Native Americans were kind enough to let us into “their” country…

We see this all the time from the ignorant fools, but more so around Thanksgiving. They fail to realize that, if anything, their arguments promote stricter immigration polices, not laxer.

What we see here is a prime example of what is called “presentism” . Presentism is when historical accounts are judged by the standards of the present. Most scholars will agree that it is a rather ignorant way to look at the past.

It would be improper to claim that George Washington was an evil man because he owned slaves simply because during his life, the majority opinion was that owning slaves was not evil. As a better example, let’s say that in 100 years, we discover that plants have advanced consciousness. It would be ignorant for people of that time to say that everyone alive today is evil for eating plants, because in todays standards, eating plants is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

So let’s instead look at what was acceptable, and encouraged during the time of colonial America. Throughout much of history (including the 1600’s) it was normal for a conquering army to claim the lands of their defeated foe. This is a practice that goes back into antiquity with the Persian, Greeks Romans, Egyptian, Israelis, Chinese and many other cultures taking part.

Taking land by conquest was also a part of Native American culture. Creek Indians conquered land from Choctaws and Chickasaws and the Creeks. Comanches came in and took the land from the Apaches by war, Aztecs, Incas and Mayans all grew their empires by conquering lands from other tribes. The Tainos and Canib tribes fought over land. When Spain Defeated the Aztec empire, the did so with an army of 1,000 Spanish soldiers and 75,000 soldiers from the Tlaxcallans, Choulatecs and Totonac tribes..

The practice of claiming the land of conquered enemies extended well past the colonization of America. It wasn’t until the conclusion of World War II in 1945 that western culture shunned the practice (and even then, the Soviet Union claimed Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, and many other territories as part of their victory spoils).

To claim “white Europeans” “stole” America from the native tribes is to force the cultural norms of the past 50 years (that white Europeans created) on events that happened hundreds of years earlier. That is just ignorant.

steal-americaAnother problem I have with the “White people stole America from the Natives” mentality is that it is insulting to Native Americans. It portrays them as ignorant fools easily duped by the evil white man. When, in fact, the brave Native American tribes fought hard, vicious battles to preserve their lands. The United States Census Bureau in 1894 counted over 40 wars involving “white” Americans and Native Americans between the years 1789 and 1846, which killed 19,000 whites and about 30,000 Indians. During these wars Native Americans committed atrocities against the white settlers. Slaughtering whole towns, raping, scalping, and murdering children were regular acts. During the Pontiacs War in 1764, 4 Delaware Indian Warriors entered a settlers log schoolhouse. There, they killed and scalped the teacher, and nine children. Two children were scalped, but survived their injuries, and 4 other children were taken prisoners. This is the first school massacre on record in America (and it happened before America was even a nation).

As you can see, to claim that Native Americans were peace loving nomads that were fooled by the white people is just plain ignorant.

If there is one thing we can learn from the Native Americans loss of land to white settlers, it is that we need to have tighter control over our immigration policies. The Native Americans believed that the first European settlers were just refugees trying to escape persecution in their homeland. They thought the American continent was large enough and the resources plentiful enough that they could share it with a few of these foreigners. But soon, these few turned into many, and the many demanded more. Soon the demands turned into violent conflicts, and the Native Americans were trapped in warfare with the new “immigrants”. The colonists eventually conquered the Native Americans and claimed the land as spoils of war.

History repeats itself, and if we are not wary these new waves of undocumented immigrants, and refugees will soon be waging war on us.

Immigration is a good thing. The melting pot of America thrives on the assimilation of different cultures. But it is necessary for these immigrants to be documented. We deserve to know that the people we invite into our nation are not criminals, rapists, and child molesters. We invite all hard working, law abiding, good people to join our grand experiment, and we demand our government do background checks to make sure that is what you are.

To claim the European settlers stole America from the Native Americans is bigoted against the Native Americans, and an ignorant foolish thing to say.

  1. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before. So good to find somebody with some unique thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is one thing that’s wanted on the web, someone with slightly originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

  2. I’m just curious, would you use the same “logic” or “reasoning” to apply to land and property taken from Jews by the Nazis between 1932 and 1945? Or would you also deny that, as well? One of the main thing missing from your article here in “The Truth Hunter” is…”The Truth.” At least, “the Truth” as it exists in official Congressional , United States Supreme Court decisions and written and signed Treaties between several Native American Tribes and the United States of America. History DOES repeat itself…and that history is being repeated today, right now, as I write this to you, in a place called Standing Rock, North Dakota. With all due respect.

    • Mr. Quinn,

      To call you a moron is an insult to morons.

    • It is funny how whenever someone has an opinion that you don’t like, you try to call them a Nazi. The logic is the winner wins the land. The Nazi’s lost. So making a comparison to Nazi’s is stupid. A better comparison would be “Do Spanish people have a right to be in Mexico? After all, they took the land from Aztecs.”, “Do Black people have a right to be in Jamaica? After all, they took the land from natives.” Do Jews have the right to be in Israel? After all, they took the land from Jericho and other city states.” Do Muslims have a right to be in North Africa? After all, they took the land from the natives.” Do White people have a right to be in Europe? After all, they took the land from Neanderthals.”
      And since you bring up the Dakota Pipeline… Don’t forget, the Sioux defeated the Pawnee for that land. So by your opinion, the Sioux have no right to be on that land anyway.

  3. Natives sold Manhattan for trinkets, so much for your comment about being insulting ti Natives as foolish or duped…

    • what is trinkets to you is valuable to another. The reality is the “trinkets” story is a myth. The historical records for The purchase of Staten Island, says the Dutch traded “10 boxes of shirts, 10 ells of red cloth, 30 pounds of powder, 30 pairs of socks, 2 pieces of duffel, some awls, 10 muskets, 30 kettles, 25 adzes, 10 bars of lead, 50 axes and some knives.” There is less information about what is now NY City but the records we do have says 60 gilders plus supplies, which would have been a lot of money at the time to pay for a piece of land that size to a people who legally had no claim over it.

  4. Huh! Another stupid lying person about the ‘White man’ and his stealing ways.

    • Lol this entire arguement of presentism hinges on “somethings where just ok to do back then and therefore we cant say something was bad (or in this case stolen) because it totally ok to do back town.” By that reasoning we cant say the murder of jews was “bad” during the middle ages was bad because it was acceptable to kill them back then. We cant say slaves where kidnapped or tortured because both fell within the realm of things that were “legal” for people to do. We cant say native americans land was “stolen” because it was legal to go in murder people/spread disease/rape. The fact that it was “legal” in the past does not mean it was ok. Just be honest with yourself and say that you are using presentism to JUSTIFY the horrors of your predecessors (im assuming your white ). But that does not change the fact that what they did was disgusting and no amount of your flimsy so-called logic will change that. Man up to the fucking sins of your lineage and shut the hell up.

      Also just purely for the sake of semantics the definition of conquering literally falls within the broad definition of stealing. Ie. Conquering of land is stealing but not all stealing is conquering of land.

    • What lies are you talking about? Truthhunter is stating facts and makes a reasoned argument. If you have evidence to disprove his facts please present it. Your current statement makes you appear as an ignorant person who refuses to acknowledge anything that doesn’t fit your world view. We have too many ignorant people in this country already. Try not to be one.

  5. Does this sound “conquered” to you?

    “However extravagant the pretension of converting the discovery of inhabited country into conquest may appear, if the principle has been asserted in the first instance, and afterwards sustained; if a country has acquired and held under it; if the property of the great mass of the community originates in it, it becomes the law of the land, and cannot be questioned.” Johnson v McIntosh


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    America=Stolen Land August 15, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    LOL Right

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