The Truth About Illegal Immigration

There is a problem with illegal immigration in this country. Anyone who doesn’t think so need only spend some time in the sun drenched southern California to realize the negative impacts of illegal immigration.

illegal-immigrationHowever, it is not the “immigration” part of the equation that is causing the problem. It is the “Illegal” part. My grandparents immigrated here from Italy in 1918. They went through Ellis Island, and my grandfather had to sleep on Ellis island for several months while he learned English (at the time you couldn’t become a citizen until you filled out all of your paperwork in English). My grandparents were hard working people who came to America to make a better life for their family. My grandmother would scoff at anyone who called her an “Italian American” She was an American because she choose to be one. She always said “Americans are offered every opportunity in the world. And all you have to do to be an American is follow the rules, and act like an American.”

Like my grandparents, most Illegal Immigrants today are hard working people trying to make a better life for their family. Unlike my grandparents, they didn’t follow the rules. Why is that? It seems to me the problem with Illegal Immigrants isn’t the Immigrants themselves, but the path to citizenship. If we truly want to fix the problem with illegal immigration then all we need to do is make it easier for people immigrate legally.

Doing things legally is surely the right way to go. We, as citizens of America, have a right to expect that our government is checking immigrants to make sure murderers, pedophiles, rapists, and other criminals aren’t coming into our country. We also have a right to expect that people coming to our country will contribute to the system that makes this country a place that people want to immigrate too. So is it to much to ask that illegal immigrants come down to the immigration office, submit to a background check, get put on a probation period, and maybe pay an extra (but not unreasonable) immigration tax? I don’t think so. So why doesn’t that happen?

Illegal Immigration Promoted by the Elite

Lately, it seems our representatives would rather promote illegal immigration then promote a pathway to citizenship. Currently, 10 US States allow illegal immigrants to have legal drivers licenses. Illegal immigrants can buy health insurance, and receive free emergency health care. Illegal immigrants may qualify for tax breaks, and other benefits. How does any of this make sense?

mexican-traditionalIt is simple, really. Lawmakers tend to come from rich families, and serve rich families. Rich families want illegal immigrants to stay illegal, and therefore push for legislation to promote illegal immigration instead of pushing for legislation to promote a path to citizenship.

The majority of Illegal Immigrants just want to work, and stay under the radar. They live in constant fear of deportation and therefore are unlikely to rock the boat. They grew up in countries with significantly lower wages, so they are willing to work for less then their legal counterparts. They come from places without overtime rules, or sick days, or other labor rules that natural born citizens are accustomed to. The rich business owners of America know the can take advantage of and abuse illegal immigrants in ways they could never get away with if they were dealing with legal citizens. Simple economics shows that you can’t have 99¢ per pound grapes if you pay the people who pick them minimum wage. These people use the threat of deportation to subjugate illegal immigrants. So of course they do not want to promote a path to citizenship… that would eliminate their slave labor.

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