The great debate of the authenticity of Bigfoot- real or hoax

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Is Bigfoot real or fake? This is one question that no one has been able to answer for decades now. However, the claimed sightings of this creature have been in no short supply. Most recently in January, 2015 it was claimed that the creature was seen in Tampa, Florida. How true this is, only the one who saw it can say. There are photographs and innumerable artist impressions on how the creature looks like but not one can be very sure about it. Scientists claim that there is no such thing as Bigfoot but what do you personally think?

Bigfoot-WideCheck out the online photographs

Now, the most recent sighting aforementioned has a photograph. It is easy to think of Bigfoot as a huge ape or something of the sort. If this is the idea that you have formed in your mind then you might be quite disappointed when you see the photographs. It looks pretty much like an ape alright. If you have never heard of Bigfoot before he is basically a large and hairy humanoid walking on twos. The creature is said to inhabit the forests of North America’s Pacific Northwest region.According to scientists this is nothing more than just folklore coupled with a hoax and misidentification. They say that it cannot be a living animal because there is no physical evidence to support it. Well, this does not mean that the possibility of Bigfoot being real is zero. Quite on the contrary the sightings that have been made and reported online describe the same thing.

bigfoot_cast_comparisonSo what is the possibility of Bigfoot being real?

It is really hard to calculate the probability that Bigfoot is real given that there is no physical evidence aside from the photographs of course. Up to this point scientists are correct. However, the fact that the stories of Bigfoot have been in existence ever since the mid seventeenth century adds to the confusion. Various tribes of the Pacific Northwest all have claims of the Bigfoot.

The thing about all these tribes is that they are quite different from each other. Some are so isolated from the rest but the description of Bigfoot is the same for all. Now you cannot claim that they are using internet or reducing some documented books. From 1840s stories of gigantic humanlike creatures fitting the description of Bigfoot has been passed on from one generation to the next. The only difference between the explanations given by these native tribes is the diet of the creature.

Famous sightings

In modern America the first claim of Bigfoot has to be that of Alfred Ostman in 1924 who claimed that he had been abducted and held captive in British Columbia by the creatures. Still in the same area (British Columbia) in 1941 a lady and her children claimed that they fled their home when they saw a 7.5 feet tall Bigfoot approaching their home. In 2007, Bigfoot hunter Rick Jacobs claimed to have captured an image of the creature in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. The latest sighting now is in Tampa by a fisherman who claims to have spotted the creature in Hillsborough County.

Interesting Bigfoot Videos:

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