Suppression of Dissent: The Fight Against The Rebel Flag

It amazes me how the opportunists in Washington DC use any tragedy they can to push their totalitarian desires.

You may have read my recent article about the June 17th assault on the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. For some reason, this tragic event turn the mass media into rabid dogs attacking the rebel flag. Now some people think the rebel flag is racist, but according to a recent poll, the majority of Americans don’t. (see here, here, here, and here).

I grew up in the south, and I never heard anyone say the rebel flag was racist until I was in my 20’s and had moved to Los Angeles. Where I grew up the rebel flag stood for the south, southern pride, rebellion, and independence. Of course, this is the real reason the mainstream media wants to get rid of it. The elite (and the mainstream media they control) see a symbol of rebellion as a bad thing. They want everyone to submit to their desires. They don’t want you to have your own voice, they don’t want you to think for yourself, and they don’t want a symbol of that type of freedom around. They want you to fall in line and do what you are told.

lil jon rebel flagMost people that display the rebel flag do so to show they are from the southern United States. Or, they display it to show rebellion. They display it to show a distrust of the system, and a distrust of the government. These people range all walks of life. From Country music, and rock music artists like Hank Williams and Kid Rock to hip hop artists like Ludacris, and Lil Jon. Recently, in Oklahoma, a protest in support of the rebel flag was lead by a man calling himself “The Black Rebel”.

How far does the mainstream media go to get rid of a symbol of rebellion? Recently, Apple computers removed all civil war games from it’s app store because they displayed the flag. One reporter at Forbes wrote an article saying how stupid this was. However, he also said “There’s a big difference between showing the confederate flag in a historical context and flying it above a state capitol building in modern-day America.” It seems to be a good point. What he was referring to was the rebel flag flying at the state capitol in South Carolina. However, it wasn’t flying over the state capital building. It was flying over a civil war memorial on the grounds of the state capital meaning South Carolina was, in fact, “showing the confederate flag in a historical context”. Reuters was one of the few media organizations to actually admit that the flag flew “at a memorial to Confederate war dead.” Most news agencies pushed the agenda by claiming the rebel flag flew “on top of the South Carolina statehouse” (Check out how NBC never mentions the flag flew at a civil war memorial, preferring to say “flying at the South Carolina Statehouse” and then blames the flag for all the woes in South Carolina).

carport-rebel-flagFortunately, trying to get rid of a symbol of rebellion, does little to stamp out the rebellious spirit. In fact, it just makes it stronger. In recent weeks, I have begun to see more and more rebel flags outside of homes, on peoples clothing, and attached to the back of pick up trucks. But maybe this was the plan all along. This administration has done everything it can to promote racial tension in America. We have gone from a country that had almost defeated racism in 2008 to a country boiling over with racial strife in 2015. That is what the elite like to do. Divide and conquer. Keep the poor pissed at each other so they don’t see who is really screwing them.

Do you think the rebel flag is a symbol of racism? Or do you think it is a symbol of rebellion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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  2. I have been thinking the same thing; that the man behind the curtain does not like the people remembering that they are powerful; so powerful and numerous in fact that they possess the power to usurp almost ANY ruling body that would force them to submit. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but this is coming down to another civil war. I suppose that it will be when they finally come for our guns, not realizing that this country is made of more armed citizens than all branches of the US military combined (some of us are recent veterans too), and even that supposes that the military will follow such unlawful orders. The world is upside down right now.

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