The Orlando Terrorist Attack: There is Something Wrong With The Narrative

omar-mateen-4-225x300The terrorist attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida on June 12th, 2016 was a horrible act of violence perpetrated against innocent people. I think we can all agree on that. But the more I read about what happened, the more things don’t seem to add up.

Let’s start with the official story. Just before closing time, American born 29 year old Omar Mateen entered a LGBT nightclub in Orlando and began killing people. Armed with an “assault rifle” and a handgun, Mateen killed 49 people, and injured 53 more. After a 3 hour standoff, Orlando police crashed through a wall and engaged Mateen in a gunfight some have called a “hail of bullets”. Sateen was killed. Sateen is said to have acted alone.

Was He a Jihadist?

President Obama has said “We know enough to say this was an act of terror and act of hate,”. Mateen’s parents, who are from Afghanistan, said he’d expressed outrage after seeing two men kiss in Miami. They also say that they didn’t consider him particularly religious.

So it would seem that this was just a lone, crazy man with access to guns and a hatred of homosexuals… It just doesn’t add up.

NBC has been trying to claim that Mateen was a hateful, racist, bigot, and not a religious person at all. Yet many people who were inside the club have stated that Mateen tried to not hit black people and one person has said that Mateen “I don’t have a problem with Black people” and another victim claims she was spared because she was Black and that Mateen said to her “Black people have suffered enough”. The victim goes on to say that Mateen said “This is about my country.” Was he speaking of Afghanistan? Some of the victims, as we have seen, were indeed Black, but we do also know that at least two of them were in the bathroom where Mateen eventually engaged Police Officers, and that the NY Post has hinted that some of the victims may have fallen to “Friendly Fire”. One of the victims in that bathroom, Akyra Murray, was said (by her friend) to have been shot once in the arm. She latter died from her injuries. Was she hit additional times by “Friendly Fire”?

Just before the attacks began, Mateen called 911, and pledged allegiance to ISIS. And although the media is reporting “There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack on jihadi forums, but ISIS sympathizers have reacted by praising the attack on pro-Islamic State forums.”, other media reports say A message posted in Arabic on a dark web site associated with the ISIS news agency Amaq said “the armed attack that targeted a gay night club in the city of Orlando in the American state of Florida and that bore more than a 100 killed and wounded was carried out by an Islamic state fighter.”. That sounds like a claim of responsibility to me…

Screen-shot-2016-06-17-at-6.07.00-AMReports are coming in that Mateen may have been a regular at gay bars in Orlando, and that he had a profile on a gay dating web site. So this seems to disrupt the narrative that he was a gay hating crazy lone gunman. Mateen’s father, Seddique Matten, (who made the claim that his son hated gay people) Has publicly stated his support for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Under the Taliban, Homosexuality was crime punishable by death. It seems clear that a man that supports a hardline religious government that advocates the death penalty for homosexuality would have instilled those same values in his son. He just wouldn’t admit that to the rest of us. Seddique Mateen had claimed he was running for president of Afghanistan, which made me think he was a nut case himself, until I found that he has actually had meetings with the State Department, and prominent congressman involved with foreign affairs (some reports say he had even met with President Obama).

Omar Mateen, seems to have been far more religious then the media reports want us to believe.  While attending a barbecue in 2017, Mateen reported threatened to shoot everyone at the event after a piece of pork accidentally touched his hamburger. Mateen also reportedly claimed on social media that he wanted to be a “Martyr” for Islam. In addition, Mateen traveled to Saudi Arabia (another country that enforces the death penalty for homosexuality) in 2011, and 2012 for the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca called Umrah. These do not seem like the actions of someone who is “not very religious”.

Is it possible that Omar Mateen’s father claims that Mateen was not a practicing Muslim because he found out that he had experimented with homosexuality, and he then told his son that the only way he could make reparations to Allah for his sin was to commit the horrendous act we saw on June 12th? That is only speculation, but an interesting point.

What Happened in the Club Doesn’t Make Sense

orlando-terrorist-attack-weaponThe actual events that took place in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando don’t make much sense as they are being reported. Omar Mateen fired off between 500 and 1,000 rounds while inside the club. There is no official number, but we can speculate based on the following information: 49 people were killed, and 53 people injured. Many of the killed and injured were struck multiple times with reports of survivors being hit 8, and 10 times. The shootout with the police that eventually ended the attack was said to be a “hail of bullets”. In a high stress combat situation, well trained troops often have a 20% accuracy rate. Omar Mateen was not highly trained.

The main weapon used by Omar Mateen was a Sig Sauer MCX. This weapon comes with a 20 or 30 round magazine, but takes a standard size magazine that has 50 round versions available. If he fired 1,000 rounds, then he would have had to have had 20 magazines, at a weight of 40 pounds, with him when he walked into the bar as well as a 30 inch long rifle. He would have had to reload 20 times, and if he was trained, it would take him 5 seconds to reload, ready the weapon and begin firing again. (that doesn’t take into account extra time needed to fumble through whatever he was carrying the magazines in in the dark.) Even if he was extremely accurate, he still would have had to reload 4 or 5 times in his initial attack.

In close quarters combat, and Sig Sauer MCX is a lousy weapon. The 2 and a half foot length makes it difficult to swing around and aim, and the .223 rounds he was using are not very effective. I spoke with an Army weapons trainer who explained to me the 5.56 (the military version of the .223) is designed to be a “non-lethal” round. A .223 round is the same size projectile as a .22 with the main difference being it has more powder, and is therefore more likely to just go straight through you. (whereas a .22 will likely loose momentum and tumble around inside of you.) Yet a .22 is considered by many to be a “toy gun”. I received my marksmanship merit badge in the Boy Scouts with a .22 rifle when I was 13 years old, and I owned a semi-automatic .22 rifle when I was 11 years old. Soldiers are trained to put 3 rounds of 5.56/.223 in someone’s chest to take them out of the fight without killing them. (this explains the survivors with multiple gunshot wounds). What this doesn’t explain is why no one seems to have fought back. No one hit him over the head with a bottle or a chair? No one was behind him, or to his side when he started shooting? No one saw him walking through the club with 40 pounds of ammo and a 30 inch rifle?

Could it be that Omar Mateen was not acting alone?

This former NYPD officer lays out a convincing argument as to why he suspects Omar Mateen was not the only shooter in the Pulse Nightclub. Here is a statement from someone who is reported to be an “eyewitness”. He claims that Mateen said he was the 4th shooter.

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Another person who was in the club says he heard multiple guns going off at the same time, and that he is pretty sure there was more then one shooter. This witness also claims that the weapon used was fully automatic. Despite claims by the anti gun groups, this isn’t a modification that Mateen could have made to the weapon he is said to have been carrying.

This series of videos filmed by people outside the club, shows police engaged in a gun fight outside the club. Mateen was shot by police inside the club in a bathroom.

This article has multiple other accounts of people who were in the club at the time of the attack claiming there was multiple shooters. A radio station in New York has even claimed that a second shooter was arrested.

Whether Omar Mateen was acting alone inside the Pulse Nightclub, or if he had accomplices either protecting him, keeping people from escape, or actively participating in the shooting, we may never know because it doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative that Mateen was a crazy lone gunman.

Did Omar Mateen Have Help on the Outside?

Another issue with the Orlando terrorist attack that has been bothering me is the logistics of the actual attack. Within a week of the attack, Omar Mateen supposedly bought the two guns used and ammunition used in the attack. The MSRP for the Sig Sauer MCX is $1,866. A 50 round magazine for the MCX will cost about $50. 20 of those adds another $1,000 to the total. 1200 rounds of .223 ammo (in bulk) will cost another $500. A Glock 17 costs about $600. So we are over $4,000 in weapons purchased a week before the attack by Omar Mateen. Shouldn’t this have thrown up a red flag somewhere? Isn’t it odd that someone who works as a security guard would have an extra $4,000 laying around to buy weapons?

Mateen apparently tried to cover his tracks somewhat buy buying the weapons and ammunition at different stores. One gun store in Florida claims Mateen tried to purchase body armor and ammunition from their store. When they became suspicious of him, and refused, Mateen called someone and started arguing with them over the phone in Arabic. Is this evidence of an accomplice? The store owner says he called the FBI to report Mateen. It seems that the FBI (who are likely now in possession of Mateen’s phone) could go back to the date he visited that gun store, and figure out who he was speaking to.

What did the Government Know?

Seddique Mateen was also pictured with Rep. Ed Royce, Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Seddique Mateen pictured with Rep. Ed Royce, Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

And let’s talk about what the FBI did or did not know. The FBI interviewed Omar Mateen 3 separate times while investigating him for terrorism. Department of Homeland Security agent Philip Haney has stated that he was investigating terrorism links to not only the Mosque that Omar Mateen went to 3 times a week (3 times a week? didn’t they say he wasn’t very religious?), but also the Mosque that the San Bernardino shooters went to, as part of the same investigation. However, the investigation was shut down because the State Department (then run by Hillary Clinton) and the Obama administration believed it unfairly singled out Muslims. I can understand a concern for civil liberties violations, but after the San Bernardino attack, wouldn’t it have been prudent to re open that investigation?

Considering Omar Mateen worshiped at a Mosque that was under investigation for terrorism links, and considering that Omar Mateen himself had been investigated several times for terrorism, how then was Omar Mateen able to pass a federal background check for an armed security guard license? How was Omar Mateen able to pass a federal background check to work for a security company with national security contracts? How was Omar Mateen able to pass a federal background check to purchase weapons?

Did Omar Mateens father pull strings with his government contacts in the State Department to clear Omar Mateens background checks?

Did the Government Know Beforehand?

Is it possible that the government knew before hand that this was going to happen, yet they did nothing to stop it? This theory is not without precedent. Their is ample evidence the US Government knew the Pearl Harbor Attack that started WWII was imminent, yet did nothing to stop it. Some people think the same can be said about 9/11. Whether this knowledge fell on deaf ears because our leaders are inept, or because the government wanted the attacks to happen to push an agenda, we do not know. But Pearl Harbor did lead us into WWII, and 9/11 did lead us into war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Was the Orlando attack allowed to happen to push gun control on the American people?

Did The Government Plan It?

In the 1960’s, the US Government proposed Operation: Northwoods. The proposal included “False Flag” attacks, and orchestrating terrorist attacks in Florida to sway public opinion against the Cubans. President JFK rejected the proposal, but that doesn’t mean similar proposals haven’t been approved today. The simple fact that reports from inside the club seem to indicate the shooter (or shooters) were well trained military personnel, seem to back up this claim.

The problem with this theory is that the administration, and the mainstream media are trying to hard to force the events of the Orlando shooting into their agenda. They are telling us that this a hate crime against gays, and not a jihadi attack. They are telling us this is a lone nut job who had too easy access to firearms, when he was obviously surrounded by Islamic extremist sympathizers and enablers. If the government planned this attack, they would have picked a better patsy.

Did the Orlando Attack Even Happen?

There is an interesting theory that the entire Pulse Nightclub attack was an orchestrated, fictional event. The article linked above shows some very compelling video of what is obviously staged events of “victims” being carried away from the club. This clip that shows an “injured” club goer not only being carried to the club, instead of away from it, but being put down, and standing on his own when they think the camera is panned away is particularly damning.

However, I think this is more the result of news stations trying to have a better story then their counterparts. The reporters at the scene need good footage for the story so they ask people to “show us how you carried your friend out of the club”.

My Final Thoughts

I think the Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Attacks is a sad case of a troubled youth who may have had homosexual leanings but was brought up in a violent and oppressive religion. He was forced to hide who he was from his family and friends, and when they found out, he was forced to “make amends for his sins” by committing an atrocious act that their view of their religion demands.

I think our government and the mainstream media immediately tried to put a spin on this to further their own agenda to disarm the American people. They have distorted the facts to make this look like it was a “lone nut-job” who was a non practicing Muslim, was a racist, and hated gay people. They have made the villain not the man who committed the attack, nor the twisted version of Islam that his family and friends support, but his ability to purchase a weapon. Even though he should have (at the very least) been under surveillance for purchasing that weapon (hell, I’m probably under surveillance for all the things I searched on Google to write this article). As a result, we may never know who was pushing Omar Mateen to act, who was enabling him, and who may have been assisting him.

Where this horrific Islamic Terrorist Attack should have been used to bring light to the bigotry against the LGBT community from within the Islamic community, and maybe help drive the leaders who perpetrate that hate out of places of authority in the Muslim communities, it is instead being used to further divide our country. And that makes this tragedy even more tragic.

How can people claim that this attack has nothing to do with Islam when just weeks prior to the Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Attack, a Muslim Imam spoke in Orlando who has said that gay people must be killed out of compassion. Let us not forget the Muslim who tried to burn down a gay nightclub in Seattle in 2014. No one was injured, and the incident was written off as “homophobia”. Are we really going to ignore the simple fact that these people are under the influence of religious elders who tell them it is okay to kill gay people? Are we so afraid of being labeled “Islamaphobic” that we will ignore the calls but a large number of the Muslim community to kill gay people? Are we going to continue to ignore Islams role when people do what their Islamic leaders tell them to do?

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