Mainstream Media Pushes Agenda When “Active Shooter” Wasn’t

Active-Shooter-who-was-notthe other night my “regularly scheduled programming” was interrupted by a news flash. it appeared as if there was an active shooter in another movie theater in Tennessee. the news anchors had an excitement about them as they started to report the story. “we’ll have more as the breaking story unfolds”. At first I found it odd that these reporters seemed to be happy that there was another” crazy white guy mass shooting” to report on. surely this one would convince law abiding citizens to give up their weapons. what I found even more shocking was how upset the reporters seemed when the facts about this “active shooter” came in. You see, this shooter was armed with a toy gun, a can of mace, and a hatchet. he did manage to spray a bunch of people with mace, but no one got cut by the hachet, or shot with a plastic bb. In fact, the only “shooter” at the scene was the cop that shot and killed this mentally disturbed white guy.

My local news eventually dropped the story. “nothing to see here”. Although many mainstream media outlets continued to push the “active shooter” headline. I am not aware of any news agency that turned their story to a “police brutality” story as they did when the young black man in Cleveland with a bb gun was shot by and killed by police. (notice in the linked in article headline, he is called an “unarmed 12 yr old” even though the story admits further on that he had a bb gun.) But why would they? This was a white guy, and only “black lives matter”. Remember when Dallas cops shot and killed the mentally ill black man with a screwdriver? Everyone protested that… I guess mentally ill white guys don’t matter.

mainstream-media-liesIf this isn’t a blatant example of Mainstream media bias, I am not entirely sure what is. What other explanation is there for a seemingly giddy attempt to report another white guy mass shooting that turns into a non issue when the story turns into “cop shoots mentally ill man with bb gun” One report I read, from a news agency still trying to call this a mass shooting, claimed the assailant fired on officer before the killed him. Another news report claimed that he fired his bb gun, and bb guns sound the same as real guns. Do they think we are stupid? If a cop can’t tell the difference between the sound of a bb gun being fired, and a real gun being fired, maybe that cop shouldn’t be on the street.

To be fair to the cop, I will say that when I was a teenager, 20 some odd years ago, I had a laser tag set. I was told by my parents to be careful because a cop might not know it isn’t a real gun, and shoot me… To bad everyone’s parents didn’t teach them as well.

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