The Hypocrisy of the Progressives: It is only Wrong if I don’t Like It

Merriam Webster dictionary defines hypocrisy as “behavior that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel”.

1arrestedThese days we see that hypocrisy everywhere. If you are a Christian baker, you are forced by the courts to bake a cake for homosexual weddings, even if it goes against your religious beliefs. If you are a Muslim cab driver, freedom of religion allows you to refuse to drive cabs with ads for a gay event.

A Christian Photographer is forced by the courts to shoot photos at a gay wedding, but Muslim truck drivers can refuse to deliver alcohol because it offends their religious ideologies.

We all know the story of Kim Davis who was arrested for refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples, yet how many know about Charee Stanley the Muslim flight attendant that refused to serve alcoholic beverages?

“What this case comes down to is no one should have to choose between their career and religion and it’s incumbent upon employers to provide a safe environment where employees can feel they can practice their religion freely,” said Lena Masri, an attorney with Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Progressives continue to applaud people like Bruce Springsteen for refusing to perform in North Carolina over opposition to religious laws in the state while attacking people like the Christian Florist for refusing to do floral arrangements for a gay wedding.

Progressives applaud companies like Paypal for refusing to open an operations center in North Carolina because of the states bathroom law that is supposedly anti LGBT, yet they don’t seem to mind that Paypal has major holdings in Malaysia where Human Rights Watch states that “Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people is pervasive in Malaysia”

Religious Freedom that only applies to one religion is not Religious Freedom. The right to refuse service is invalid if only some people have that right.

anti-trump-protestor-pepper-sprays-11-year-old-girlOf course this go far beyond religious discrimination. Progressives claim Donald Trump is inciting violence, yet the only violence at Donald Trump rallies is from the progressives protesting him.

To talk about the hypocrisy of the leading progressive candidates deserves an article all it’s own, so here is one from the Washington Post, and another from the Huffington post about Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy. Here is one from the National Review, and another from Western Journalism showing Bernie Sanders hypocrisy.

We are seeing the blatant hypocrisy of the progressives in cinema as well. We all know that Hollywood is a bastion for liberal ideologies, yet even they can’t escape the scorn of the social justice warrior.

white-animeParamount pictures has come under fire for casting Scarlett Johansson in the live action American version of the Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell (even though the character she plays was obviously meant to be a representation of a Caucasian in the 1995 anime that was made in Japan… remember the blue eyes??? That is anime speak for “white person”)

Similarly, folks are starting to get upset that a Tibetan male character from the “Doctor Strange” comic books is being portrayed by Tilda Swinton (a British female) in the live action adaptation of Doctor Strange.

THE-KARATE-KIDsYet, no one is upset that Akira Kurosawa’s landmark film Seven Samurai is being remade as an American western staring Denzel Washington. So I guess it is okay to “whitewash” a foreign film if you are using a minority cast. I mean, it was okay to change the race of the main characters in The Karate Kid, and Annie because you were replacing white people with black people. It is okay to change the genders of the characters in Ghostbuster because you are replacing men with women. It just isn’t okay to change gender or race if you are changing them into white people.

The blame for this progressive hypocrisy really comes from our nations universities. And who could expect anything less then hypocrisy to come from university students? UCLA recently reported that the average college freshman comes from a family with a median income 60% higher then the national average. Yes, you read that right. The average social justice warrior complaining about the rich people wrecking this country are coming from rich families. That seems like these social justice warriors are nothing more then sniveling little children rebelling against their parents success. Protesting the rich, while being the rich sounds a lot like “behavior that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel”.

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