How the USA Could Fix Most of It’s Problems

America has a lot of problems. We will all admit that. However, everyone seems to concerned over their ideologies to actually come with a pan that can actually fix things. So I am going to go over a simple plan that I think could fix many of the problems in our country today with resorting to busted ideologies.

Rampant Crime in Destitute Neighborhoods

jail-cellI am going to star from the bottom and work my up. Try and follow along. It is no secret that there is rampant crime in the poorest neighborhoods across our country. Many people want to claim this is a result of racism. It is a result of a lack of opportunities. When you have a choice between a minimum wage job, and crime, crime tends to win. It may start with something small like slinging weed, and for some people, it may never get worse. But it does escalate for many people. Americans are entrepreneurial. If you need money, you sell something. That something may be drugs, your body, or something you stole, it doesn’t matter… selling stuff makes money.

Education and Healthcare in the USA

So how do you stop the crime and the poverty? Education. Of course this isn’t free education, and it isn’t for everyone. This is specific grants for people in very poor neighborhoods to go to medical school. No degrees in underwater basket weaving, or social sciences here. This is for Doctors, and Surgeons, and cardiologists and whatnot. And there is a catch. That catch is simple. To get the grant, you have to sign a contract to work at a low cost hospital for a certain period of time. And when I say “low cost” I mean low cost. Something people can afford. And if you can’t afford it, you can work it off. (These hospitals need janitors too). The medicine will be cheap also. How can that be? Because if Big Pharma wants to be able to get anything passed the FDA, they need to allow low cost generics for all of their products to go into these low cost hospitals, And speaking of keeping a license, having a license to practice medicine in the US should be like joining the National Guard. If you want to keep you license, you need to put in x amount of volunteer hours per year in one of these low cost hospitals.

Now some of you are wondering why low cost hospitals are a big deal. We all have insurance now right? Yeah. I have my Obamacare, just don’t tell my doctor. I have a bronze plan from the healthcare exchange. I don’t actually use it, but I have it because it is cheaper then the fine I would have to pay for not having. Why don’t I use it? Because my doctor gives me two thirds off his bill because he thinks I am uninsured. That is about 66% off. My bronze plan only covers 60%. So you can see it is cheaper to not be insured then to have the crap package from Obamacare.

healthcare-in-the-USAObamacare is a horrible plan that only benefits insurance companies (why? Because they get 60% off your bill which means they pay nothing and you pay more then you would if you didn’t have insurance).

My plan would not only fix the medical situation by allowing the people who can afford it to see more experienced doctors is nicer hospitals with more professional staff, and those who can’t afford it would still get quality care they could afford without forcing anyone to buy insurance, it would also help the education problem in our country by providing affordable education to the people who need it most, and give them a chance to do something positive, and lucrative without resorting to crime. This would lower crime making our country a better place all around. (Not to mention my plan would force big pharma and other elitists to swallow their pride and actually help the little people now and then)

Now I am not a politician or social planner, but this idea seems to be far better then the ideas currently being pushed around the political groups. If there is something wrong with this idea, please feel free to discuss it in the comments below, but let’s keep it civil.

Through open dialog we can find solutions to the worlds problems.

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