The Elitists Choose Clinton: How Hillary Stole the Nomination

trump The 2016 election season has shown that the people are tired of the status quo. The nation has woken up to the fact that our political parties are corrupt, and our “choices’ are chosen for us. The GOP was to ignorant to see the threat that Donald Trump posed to their plans. They wrote him off as a joke, as another Ron Paul. The GOP leaders thought Trump was a side show. But Trump’s marketing savvy toppled the plans of the Republican overlords, and it now looks like he will be the nominee. (If he isn’t, the Republicans will likely face a populist backlash that may spell the end of the “Grand Old Party”.

But what about the Democrats? Bernie Sanders was the Donald Trump of the Democratic ticket. He was supposed to be the fringe candidate. The campaigner who’s ideas were so far left, that he made the regular candidates look moderate. He wasn’t supposed to be a threat.

After all, everyone knows Socialism is bad. By it’s very definition, Socialism is the enemy of freedom. Socialism is the denial of the rights of the individual in favor of the betterment of society as a whole. Socialism is about submitting to the demands of the government.

How could groups like “Black Lives Matter” be pro Socialism? Socialism demands strict obedience to the law and the police that enforce it. How can the artists support Socialism? Socialism demands the giving up of free speech, and free expression in exchange for the social peace. Speaking out against corruption is not tolerated in Socialism. Deciding how you want to live is not tolerated in Socialism. Having your own thoughts is not tolerated in Socialism.

bernie-sanders-objectsSo how can the left support Socialism?

But this isn’t the 1900’s. The industrial revolution is over. The “worker” has no place left in society. Robots and AI are taking manufacturing jobs, domestic service jobs, and hospitality jobs. The working class sees a bleak future. Socialism gives them hope. People are willing to give up their freedom for a roof over their heads, for food, for security.

So Bernie Sanders support grew. The Democrats saw that the Republicans were to ignorant to stop the surge of populist revolt. The Democrats didn’t want to go down that road. So they devised a plan to steal the nomination.

The elitist who control both the Republican and Democrat parties have made a decision. “Let the populists have Trump as the GOP nominee, and we will elect Hillary Clinton”. In June of 2015, I predicted we would have another “Clinton vs Bush” election. It wouldn’t really matter who won, because Hillary and Jeb both took orders from the same people. But that all changed. Trump took the Republican nomination, so now the elites that run the country have only one option left, Hillary Clinton. They aren’t about to let Bernie Sanders ruin that.

So now the mainstream media is claiming Hillary is the “presumptive nominee”. Many people disagree because Hillary only has the required votes if you count super delegates (who don’t vote until the national convention). How did Hillary get these votes? There have been reports of rampant election fraud at many primaries including New York, Iowa, Puerto Rico, California, Kentucky, Nevada, and others.

hhillary stole the nominationAnd then there is the question of super delegates. Our system of representative democracy is based on the idea that we vote for someone to represent us in the actual voting. There are 4,051 of those “pledged” delegates. These are people who are supposed to vote in the manner laid out by their state convention (for example, South Dakota has 20 delegates, both Clinton and Sanders will get votes from 10 of them). Then there are 715 “super delegates”. These people vote for whomever they want to, not who the population wants. So who are these people?

According to Wikipedia, they are:

  • 438 elected members (with 434 votes) from the Democratic National Committee (including the chairs and vice-chairs of each state’s Democratic Party)
  • 20 distinguished party leaders (DPL), consisting of current and former presidents, current and former vice-presidents, former congressional leaders, and former DNC chairs
  • 193 Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives (including non-voting delegates from DC and territories)
  • 47 Democratic members of the United States Senate (including Washington, DC shadow senators)
  • 21 Democratic governors (including territorial governors and the Mayor of the District of Columbia).

You can also see a full list of who these “super delegates” are, and who they have pledged to vote for by checking here.

Granted, people could sway the votes of the super delegates by writing their elected official and letting them know that they will note be re-elected to their post if they go against the popular vote… but we all know politics today, people vote on the party line no matter who the candidate is, or what they have done.

So Hillary stole the nomination, and she is now the candidate for the elite. She will steal the general election as well if she needs to, but realistically, all the Bernie supporters will now go into the Hillary camp even though Donald Trump is far more like Bernie Sanders then Hillary Clinton ever was. But Hillary has learned her lesson. Don’t be surprised if her new arsenal of lies includes Bernie’s talking points. She now knows what you want to hear. And above all else, Hillary Clinton is a politician. A corrupt, elitist, crony capitalist politician, but a politician none the less.

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