How Colleges Are Failing to do Their Job

Many of us have seen the headlines about the absurd PC culture that is going on at universities today. Children are having nervous breakdowns when the see political slogans written in chalk, or are panicking when they mistake a Catholic Friar for a KKK member. Some students say they can’t be in the same classes as people with differing opinions, and they need safe spaces to protect them from free speech.


Many correspondents have blamed this on rampant left wing ideologies, but I disagree. College has always been a place for idealism and liberal thought. It is okay to have big dreams of making a utopian society when you are young and stupid, but college should be a place where you learn to accept reality. The reality is: one person’s utopia, is another persons prison. As a representative republic, our government is set up to protect the rights of the people who would be entrapped by your “socialist utopia”.

In the 1940’s, England tried to create a “Democratic Socialist” utopia. In it, you could go to jail if you quit the job the government picked for you. They repealed most of their socialist policies in 1950, but the remaining ones still left such a huge tax burden on their citizens that those that could afford it (like John Lennon) fled to America. Imagine that.

The real problem at the universities of America is a complete failure of the said universities to do their job. You see, universities are supposed to be preparing our children for the real world. The real world is full of people with ideologies that differ from one another. If college is failing at the simple task of teaching children to be tolerant of someone else’s ideas, then they are creating a generation of children that will not be useful in society. They will not be able to hold a job, and they will probably never make it out of their parents basement.

Colleges are failing to prepare children for the real worldYou see, in the real world, no one will agree with you all the time. Your landlord may have different social beliefs, your boss may have different political ideologies (I guarantee you most business owners and entrepreneurs are capitalists), that store clerk may have a different religious belief then you. Wherever you go during the day, you will run into people who don’t believe the same things you do.

I used to work on a national daytime talk show that was run by one of the most liberal women in Hollywood. On her show, nepotism ran wild. The office staff was brutally mean to the working staff, we were constantly being forced to see and hear offensive things… It happens everywhere you go. College shouldn’t protect you from things that are offensive, it should teach you how to deal with them in an adult manner. If the universities of this country are failing at that, then they are failing at one of the basic principles of life. You simply cannot survive in society if you are not tolerant of viewpoints that are different then yours, or offend your fragile sensibilities.

When I was a child, we had a saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. Someone forgot to explain that to children of today. You would think that they would have learned it by the college level, but apparently the college professors can’t do their job.

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