Can We Classify the Democratic Party as a Hate Group Already?

Most of you are familiar with what happened in Charlottesville Va this past week. And of course, most of the people reading this site are probably frustrated at the complete lie the mainstream media is pushing in regards to what happened.

Antifa-attacked-car copyThe simple truth is this: A legitimate protest against the removal of a historical statue took place. An angry hate group attacked the protestors. The police broke up the two groups. Later, a member from the first group was driving down a street that was crowded with protestors from the other group. Someone hit his car with a club of some sort, he sped off and into a crowd of protestors killing one, and injuring many more.

From what I can tell, this is a sad and tragic incident that is the direct result of the protestor striking the drivers vehicle, and not an intentional act of terrorism. But I will let the legal system make a final determination because I do not know what the intent of any of the people involved was.

Why Do I Think This Was Unintentional?

There are several reason I believe this was an unintentional act. The first being that he didn’t accelerate until after his car was attacked. Accelerating to get away from someone attacking you vehicle is a perfectly reasonable action. Especially when you just witnessed these same protestors violently attacking your sides protestors.

car-hesitated copyNext, he applied the brakes before he actually hit anyone. This, to me, shows that he didn’t originally intend to hurt anyone, and was hesitant to do so, but in that instant thought that going through the crowd was his only way out.

When he does drive into the crowd, he strikes another car, and that car strikes a 3rd car in front of it. This shows that the road was not blocked off to traffic, and he had every right to think that he could safely drive on it.

Lastly, in every photo that I have seen of the driver (both at the protest, and from other sources) he is wearing glasses. In zoomed in frame grabs from the incident, he is not. If his prescription for glasses is strong enough that he could not see well while he is driving, it is easy to see how his anxiety would have been very high at having his car attacked, and his ability to make rationale decisions would have been compromised.

In addition, we have to admit that he seems to already have a problem making rationale decisions because he was marching in a rally with white supremacists… that shows he already has poor decision making skills.

What is the real issue?

antifa-is-a-hate-group copyWhat makes this whole issue a problem is that the driver of the car seems to have been a white supremacist (far right hate group), and the people that attacked him, and that he subsequently ran down, were ANTIFA (far left hate group).  And while the right is quick to rebuke the far right hate groups, the left seems to embrace the far left hate groups. Many, on the left, would say that groups like ANTIFA, and BLM are not hate groups. and I have even seen some on the left say that there is no “alt-left” (or as we would say, far left).

The mainstream media, and the left in general is caught in a sticky quagmire here. Either there is an alt left, and they are just as violent, and just as big of a hate group as the alt right, and therefore should be disavowed, and shunned, or there is no “alt left” and, therefore, all of the left supports the violence, and bigotry that we see coming from ANTIFA and BLM.

As long as the MSM and the left continue to ignore the violence and the hate from the fringes of the left, we have to assume that it is not the fringes at all, but the mainstream left that is the hate group.

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