Evolution vs Creationism? Can they agree?

Homo_sapiens_neanderthalensisI have read a lot about evolution and creationism. I find it odd that most people find it to be a “line in the sand”. You either believe one or the other. However, I do not believe that that stance takes into account all of the facts. Evolution vs Creationism doesn’t have to be a battle between two opposing beliefs. In fact, I believe that they work together to give us a better understanding of how the modern humans became the dominant force on Earth. Pope Francis recently stated “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation,” and Pope John Paul II said “Evolution is Compatible with Christian faith” But how can that be?

Is Creation the Missing Link?

Evolution states that Homo Sapiens (from which we are descended) first arrived on the scene around 130,000 years ago. These Homo Sapiens included several different species of Hominid like Neanderthal, Homo Erectus, and Denisovans. Modern humans, however, showed up around 50,000 years ago. It is believed by supporters of evolution that we all originated from the same place, and then we, as the dominant species, eventually took over. However, scientists still can’t figure out exactly when, where, or how we developed the cognitive ability that made us the superior species.

Could that event be the creation point? We tend to think that when the Bible says God made us in his image that means we are made physically to look like God. Considering God is a spiritual entity, is it not more feasible that “in his image” would refer to the cognitive awakening? Is it not reasonable to conclude that our souls were created and placed into an evolved body?

(As a small side note, one of evolutions basic tenants is that beneficial mutations would be continued by natural selection, however our ancestors loss of body hair would not have been beneficial. This is proven by the simple fact that as soon as early humans lost body hair, they started wearing animal skins to make up for the loss. This goes against evolution and would add to the notion that a “creation” event separated us from evolved Hominids.)

Folding Creation back into evolution

Jan_Brueghel_de_Oude_en_Peter_Paul_Rubens_-_Het_aards_paradijs_met_de_zondeval_van_Adam_en_EvaThe Bible says that Adam and Eve had three children (Cain, Abel, and Seth). After Cain killed Abel, Cain was sent out of Eden into the land of Nod where he and his wife had children.

Well, we know that there were other hominid species walking the Earth when modern humans came on to the scene. We also know that early humans interbred with Neanderthal, and Denisovans. So it seems obvious that Cain (a child of the created Adam and Eve) took a wife from one of these evolved species of humanoid.

So while many species of hominid did evolve on Earth, it seems quite clear that a “Creation Event” was needed to create the cognitive ability and self awareness in modern humans that we all share. These traits made us the dominant species and eventually left us alone as the only surviving Hominids cannot be explained by evolution alone.

  1. Hi Anthony! The flaw in your scientific areumgnt is that evolutionary models have some tiny tiny unresolved issues (exactly how the big toe evolved maybe), and that scientific models based on young-age view have major major issues (the entire fossil record etc etc).I also disagree with you on number 1 — as soon as you start using faith to do science, you’re doing bad science as the point is to deduce theories based on experiments — which Christian faith is directly incompatible with, “thou shalt not test the Lord” or similar? I don’t think faith and science are incompatible views of the world for a human, but muddling them together causes problems for both.

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