Earth Crust Displacement & Atlantis

Piri-reis-world-mapIs it possible that the earths crust (which sits atop a layer of molten rock) has dramatically slipped at different points in history with catastrophic results? Could the North Pole have, at one point, been around the Great Lakes of North America? Could Antarctica have been in a temperate climate? These are questions raised by the Earth Crust Displacement Theory. A Theory that even Albert Einstein called “of great importance to everything that is related to the history of the earth’s surface.”

Charles H Hapgood Was a professor of History. He studied ancient maps and determined that many of the maps that he had seen depicted Antarctica (like the Piri Reis map). These maps showed Antarctica’s true coast, not the iced over coast that we see today. Considering that Antarctica wasn’t discovered until 1818, well after these maps were made (and we didn’t know what Antarctica looked like under the ice until just recently), Hapgood theorized that the maps that he was looking at were all derived from an earlier source map made in a time where a large part of Antarctica was relatively ice free. Even during the warming trend of the middle ages (when average global temperatures were several degrees higher then they are today), Antarctica was still relatively frozen.

As a result, Hapgood theorized that the Earths Crust may have slipped over the molten mantle and moved the position of the continents by about 30 degrees. According to Hapgoods theory, the build up of ice during the last ice age caused a balance problem with the earths crust that led to the entire crust slipping like the loose skin on an orange.

This theory is supported by thousands of woolly mammoth and rhino carcasses found frozen in Siberia. These animals were frozen quickly so that they are very well preserved. They even had remnants of their last meals still in their stomachs. These food remnants showed that the animals had been eating vegetation found in a temperate climate. This is vastly different from what one would expect growing in a place that can freeze the animals to death in such a quick manner. Therefore, a sudden, catastrophic event must have led to a fast climate change.

This sudden climate change that flash froze the animals in Siberia happened around 12,000 years ago. At this time, the world should have been coming out of an ice age. So why did Siberia become so cold so fast? If Earth Crust Displacement Theory is true, then while Antarctica slid into the south pole, Siberia would have slid north. This would explain the sudden freezing of the temperate climate that is implied by the Mammoth and Rhino carcasses.

Could Earth Crust Displacement Explain the Lost Civilization of Atlantis?

Antarctica-at-the-centerSome people have theorized that, if Hapgood’s theory of Earth Crust Displacement hold true, then Antarctica would be a prime location for the lost continent of Atlantis. Plato describes Atlantis as being a round continent in the center of the ocean. Many have thought that he was referring to the Atlantic Ocean, and some have speculated that he meant the Pacific Ocean. However, if Antarctica was further north, and viewed as the central point in a map, it would be in the center of the only ocean.

Parts of Antarctica are currently under almost 3 miles of ice. This much ice would easily conceal the remnants of any ice age civilization that may have been there.

Survivors of the cataclysmic shift of the Earth’s crust would have been scattered around the globe to places like Africa, and South America Forced to start from scratch. They would have remembered, only in myth and lore, the civilization they once had.

Considering most scientists agree that modern humans have been roaming the planet with the same mental capacity for about 50,000 years, however, civilization as we know it, has only existed for roughly 5,000 years, Isn’t it probable, that we would have advanced, and then regressed at least once in the period between?

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