Are Spirits and Ghosts Real?

As a child, I believed in spirits, ghosts, and all sorts of supernatural phenomena. However, as I grew older, my belief in these things slipped away with my beliefs in things like the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus. I always wanted to believe, but as a skeptic, I wanted a bit more then second hand stories as evidence.

A few years ago, I used to do contract work for one of the theme parks in Los Angeles. The park didn’t like us labor types working while guests were at the park, so we tended to be there after hours. I had a few interesting stories from those late nights, but none of them ever convinced me.

The Ghostly Child in the Restaurant

The first story was told to me by one of the parks cleaning crew. He had said that one night he was cleaning on the far side of the lot. It was late at night, and long after the park had closed. All of the guests, and all of the day crew had gone home. While making his rounds, he saw a child in one of the restaurants. He got on his radio, and called (who were on the other side of the park). Security verified that they saw the child on the security cameras, and they sent a guard with the building keys to retrieve the child. The guard arrived, and both the guard, and the janitor I was speaking with, saw the child inside the restaurant. When the security guard put his key into the door to open it, the child looked up at him, and then vanished. The child has not been seen since.

The janitor told me that the theme park had the whole thing on video, but was scared that it the incident would frighten away paying customer if they ever found out. Although it is a tantalizing story, I do not know this janitor well, and for all I know, he could have been making the whole thing up.

The Little Blonde Ghost

Mumler_(Lincoln)The second ghost story I had heard from the night cleaning crew in this Los Angeles Theme Park was of a little blonde girl that haunted one of the rides. Apparently, this girl had died on the ride, and her spirit had been seen there several times since. In the particular story that was told to me, a newly hired janitor was given the duty of cleaning that particular ride on his first night. The janitor who told me the story said the new hire seemed like a nice, smart guy. At the mid shift “lunch break” everyone showed up at the break room. The shift supervisor asked the new hire how he was enjoying his first night. He responded by saying it was nice, but he thought it was odd that people would be allowed to bring their children with them to work. The supervisor asked him to elaborate, and the new hire said that while he was cleaning, a young girl with long blonde hair came into the room, and watched him work. He said she didn’t say anything, and when he asked her name, she smiled and ran away.

One of the other workers explained to him that what he saw was the ghost of a little girl who had died on that attraction some years earlier. The new hire promptly quit his job and went home.

Again, a night shift employee whom I did not know prior to this encounter told this story to me. For all I know, he just enjoyed spinning tall tales to guests.

My Encounter With The Spirits of the Park

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I was working at this theme park installing a new attraction. I was in charge of the team that was installing the lights in the attraction. We broke for lunch around midnight, and my crew headed off lot to find some open fast food restaurant to eat at.

I had brought my lunch, so I stayed behind, alone, at the job site. There were two entrances to the job site. One entrance on either end of a long hall. I was sitting by the one entrance with a clear view down the hall to the other entrance. If anyone went in, or came out, I would see them.

About the middle of our lunch hour, I distinctly heard the sound of a drill gun being used on the job site. At first, I thought I was imaging things. Then I heard it again. I walked through the job site to investigate, but I did not see anything out of the ordinary, or hear the noise while I was investigating.

A short time later, the first of my crew returned. I told him what had happened and he thought I was BS’ing him. Then we heard the sound again. This time I sent him down to the far entrance, while I entered the job site from the close entrance. That way we would see if anyone was making the noise and then sneaking out when we went to investigate. We found no one. We found no sign of the noise or what was making it.

Could this have been our minds playing tricks on us? Could it have been some other noise from some other area that just seemed to sound like it was coming from our job site? Yes it could have. This was never convincing evidence to me.

A More Recent Experience

My wife passed away not too long ago. Since then I have been more open to the idea of spirits and ghosts. We used to take walks at dusk, and when I finally worked up the nerve to take the same walk alone, my hand went numb. I believe she was there with me holding my hand. I have awoken in the morning to the sound of her voice, and sometimes at night I see glimpses of her out of the corner of my eye.

Maybe this is nothing more then the grieving process. Maybe it is just my mind playing tricks. I am not scarred of spirits now. In fact, I wish I could walk out into the living room, and see her spirit sitting on the couch watching TV. But that hasn’t happened yet.

What do you think of spirits and ghosts? Have you had any experiences? Share them with us in the comments below.


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