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Crop Circles: Disinformation and Cover Up

4754990716_23696672c5_oWhy are we talking about crop circles? Doesn’t everyone know that Doug Bower and Dave Chorley admitted in 1991 that they had been making the crop circles as a hoax since 1978? And even though Bower and Chorley can’t possibly be responsible for all the crop circles, the rest are just done by copycats right?

This is what most people believe. This is the narrative that has been fed to us. But why are we being fed this?

There are reports of crop circles going back hundreds of years. In 1678 a pamphlet tells the tale of a farmer whose crops were “mowed” in a circle after seeing them glow orange the night before.

Terry Wilson’s book “A Secret History of Crop Circles” chronicles over 300 documented crop circles between the 1600’s and 1980. During WWII, both the US Government and the British Government investigated crop circles believing them to be secret codes from Nazi spies meant to be seen by Nazi bomber pilots. (also see here, and here).

Of course, the majority of crop circles are likely nothing more then elaborate hoaxes. However, some of them are unexplainable. Scientists have found that the grain in “genuine” crop circles is not broken, or forced down (as is the case in hoax crop circles). Instead, the nodes in the grains have been elongated causing the stalk to fall over. In some cases, crops did not grow properly in the place where a crop circle had been for seasons afterward. This would draw one to conclude that the crop circle was made by something other then pranksters with boards and string.

So What Are Crop Circles?

DiablefaucheurThere are many theories about what causes “genuine” crop circles. The likely explanation would be atmospheric phenomenon. Ball lightning has been suggested as a cause, and the electromagnetic field ball lightning would generate seems to fit the profile. This would be possible if all the more elaborate crop circles were hoaxes, and the simpler designs were “genuine”. However, the lack of genuine scientific research into the matter leaves this likely scenario nothing more then conjecture.

One theory that is commonly known is that crop circles are messages from extraterrestrial entities. Many crop circles have advanced mathematics in their designs, and some have even had messages in binary. If any of these complex designs are not hoaxes, then the alien theory might hold water. When we consider how quickly the mainstream media is to write off crop circles as hoaxes, it makes one wonder if their dismissal is actually part of a government cover up to hide the fact that these are genuine communications from extra terrestrials. (see our previous article on operation: mockingbird). This would also explain the multitudes of hoaxes. Our governments could be creating the “hoax” circles to reply to the messages that are “genuine”. Creating some of the crop circles gives them the perfect cover by allowing them to claim all of the crop circles are man made hoaxes.

Another theory about the creation of crop circles is that they are made by Earth bound paranormal entities. The modern phenomenon of crop circles closely resembles European folklore of Fairy Rings, Elf Circles, and other tales of strange circular patterns in the earth.

Fairy_ring_on_IcelandWhat do You Think Creates Crop Circles?

Many other people have many other theories about what causes crop circles. Do you have a theory? Can you explain why mainstream media automatically write of all crop circles as hoaxes when there is evidence that some of them are authentic mysteries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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