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Attack at College Leaves 5 Dead, 45 Injured: Weapon Not Blamed

So it has happened again, a crazy student went to a school event and killed 5 people, and injured 45 more. Only this time, no one is blaming her weapon. That is right, this school violence happened when a crazy woman drove her car into a crowd at a homecoming parade. The police say that this was an intentional act, and her lawyer says she is psychologically disturbed. The same can be said for a number of recent school shooters. Almost all school shooting perpetrators were on psychological medications that have the potential side effect of psychotic episodes.

Yet in all this cases of crazed school shooters the weapon was blamed… as long as the weapon was a gun. You see, these incidents always happen. The first school massacre on the history of America actually happened before there was a United States of America. The Enoch Brown school massacre happened in 1764 when four Native American warriors entered a schoolhouse in Pennsylvania, and killed 9 students and their teacher. Whether you have a gun, sword, knife, or car, attacking children at a school is a shocking act that draws attention, and defanged people want to commit shocking acts that draw attention.

However, our propaganda motivated mainstream media only cares about pushing agendas. And since they want to disarm Americans, they jump all over school massacres as long as they are shootings (and as long as the shooter is a conservative white man). If they are not shootings (or if the shooter doesn’t fit their narrative) they ignore the crime.

Remember how quickly the news went quiet when the Umpqua Community College shooter turned out to be a mixed race terrorist targeting Christians? Or how about when Vester Lee Flanagan killed those two reporters on live TV because he thought they were racist? How about the kid Sweden that took a sword to school and killed two people? that didn’t stay in the news long either. And look how quickly this story about Adacia Chambers intentionally killing 4 and injuring 45 at a school event has been wiped from our screens.

If it can’t be blamed on a white, gun owning conservative, it isn’t news.