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Is the 2016 Presidential Election Rigged?

I am going to start this article with the disclaimer that I do not consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. If anything, I have been called a Libertarian, but I don’t agree with everything in their platform either. I basically believe that our forefathers had the right idea, and the constitution is a pretty good way to run a country. I believe the government should have as little to do with everyday life as possible. I believe in the separation of church and state, and that morality can not be legislated. That means if gays want to get married, let them. If women want abortions, that is their choice. I also believe that businesses and taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay for those choices. I believe the governments main priorities should be to keep our boarders secure, and our nation safe. I believe immigration helps our country, illegal immigration hurts it. I believe a strong military deterrent keeps us secure, but globalist imperialism makes us less secure. I believe the TSA, and NSA are traitors to our country, but local police departments are fundamentally good. I believe everyone has a not only a right, but a duty to be armed. I believe that over taxation doesn’t help anyone except politicians and their cronies.

obama-on-phoneI have also always believed that our system works. I believed that it isn’t our government that is failing, it is the lack of education about the issues amongst the population that is failing. After all, politicians are elected representatives. If they are failing to properly represent us, and we keep electing them, that is our problem isn’t it? However, the news has recently made me question that basic belief in our government.

Back in 2012 when President Obama was elected to his 2nd term, I was a bit shocked. I believed Obama would be a good president when he was elected in 2008, but I was quickly disappointed. I saw a man that campaigned on change, and then quickly fell in line with the globalist agenda of his predecessors. I saw a man that robbed and subjugated the people he was supposed to represent. I saw a president that was supposed to be the final nail in the coffin of American racism do more harm to race relations in America then any KKK rally or neo Nazi meeting ever could. I saw a failure of a president. But he got re-elected, and I couldn’t understand why. Was the populace that easily swayed by the propaganda machine?

After the election, I was talking politics with one of my friends, and they asked me “Do you think Hillary Clinton will be elected in 2016?”. My off the cuff remark haunts me today. I responded to the question by saying “The only way Hillary Clinton will every be elected president is if the Republicans are stupid enough to run Jeb Bush against her.” Now it is beginning to look like we will have a Hillary vs Jeb Election.

epa000398028 (FILES) A file photo dated 19 October 2004 of U.S. President George W. Bush (L) with his brother Governor of Florida Jeb Bush at a campaign rally in St. Petersburg, Florida. A Florida state judge has ruled Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida's social services agency don't have legal ground to take custody of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman at the centre of a right-to-life debate that has captivated the United States.  EPA/STEFAN ZAKLINI am not saying Jeb Bush would be a horrible president. I was actually visiting Florida in the fall of 2004 when Jeb Bush was Governor of that state. Hurricane Ivan was preparing to strike the state and I saw Jeb Bush give a very good speech on television to the residents of Florida in preparation for the storm… then he gave the speech again… in Spanish. I remember remarking to someone at the time that I thought it was funny that Florida got the smart Bush, and the rest of the country got the dumb one…

That being said, the legacy left by Jebs brother George W Bush, along with the mainstream media spin against him that has gone on for over a decade, has, in my opinion, made any Bush unelectable. Even though Obamas presidency has in many ways vindicated GW Bush’s actions, the mainstream media has been able to spin it against him. Instead of reporting that Obama didn’t close Guantanamo because it was necessary to keep it open, they reported that his failure to live up to his election promise to close it was Bush’s fault. Instead of reporting that Obama’s re-engagement in both Iraq and Afghanistan showed justification for our original engagements there, they reported that the aggression was Bush’s fault. And the general population bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker. After eight years of having every failure of the Obama administration blamed on GW Bush, do you really think it will be hard to vilify his brother, Jeb, in the eyes of the brainwashed masses?

Hillary-ClintonBut maybe this is the plan. Recently, the Infowars website ran a story claiming that the Bilderberg group was endorsing Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential election. If this is the case, would it not make sense to run her against an unelectable opponent? Has this been the plan all along? Vilify the Bush name for over a decade so that Hillary will have an easy election. Is this how the globalist agenda works? Not by rigging elections in the traditional sense, but by running unelectable people against their candidate of choice? Is this proof that the mainstream media does the bidding of their globalist overlords? They are already starting to spin Jeb as “just another Bush”. John Stewart recently commented that with every Bush elected, you get a free war in Iraq. This seems to forget the fact that Obama just sent 450 more troops into Iraq. (This is after he sent 1,500 troops their last year). But that is Bush’s fault, isn’t it Mr Stewart…